Thursday, December 23, 2010

Old, but still Young !!

After another demanding day at office I boarded a bus to my aunt's house where I parked ma buLL the previous weekend, Just to ride him back  home. It should be late 7 when I reached there and I got  lucky that the Newly Wed Couple had come there(My cousin Sis and her Hubby, A "Made for each other" pair [touch wood]  ) We were chatting there for almost an hour about his Job, B'lore, San Jose, IT Field , politics and what not..! My Aunt's family is like a joint family with her Dad 'n Mom,  her Brother his wife and their Son and loadsa people. A Sweet Home where you literally feel 24 hours is a scanty number !!

The clock ticked for 10 pm, We got a call from upstairs where the Granny and others live. It was an emergency call, the granny has gone serious and no one was there except for the other aunt there. They wanted someone from from here to help them. In a spur of moment, me my cousin and the new bro rushed upstairs to find the granny struggling to respire, she was almost sniffing every single breathe and was bustling hard ! We were amateurish, but a moment to act matured, coz itz just us who has to manage the situation. We shifted her from her bed to a chair and then brought her down, by that time one of the uncle has got his Car ready. With great efforts we managed to bring her down and shift her to the Cars Rear seat. The car roared approaching the Multi-speciality Hospitals thats couple of Kilo meters off the house. Al-through the way Granny was mumbling words of uncertainty. Finally managed to reach the hospital in not more than 10 minutes dodging the peak traffic. 

As we reached the hospital, the Grandpa just turned up from his Shop to the hospital. We rushed to get a stretcher and with the help of attendants there we placed her in the stretcher. As they took her in. a doctor rushed towards her running along checking her pulse and in a moment he ordered the attendant to take her to the emergency ward as the situation sounded to be complex. The Stretcher was propelled to the ICU in a moment. Grandpa who is almost 80 managed to walk fast following the stretcher but he was almost crawling. With our assistance he managed to come along. 

The doctors rushed into the ICU examining her, We just had a transparent circle on the glazed glass which gave us a minor view of whats happening inside. She was placed a ventilator immediately to support her breathing. Grandpa was totally restless, he spoke not a word to us but kept uttering words to himself saying papa ll be alright (Papa : thats how he calls her)  He came to us and consoles us saying "Granny ll be alright, don worry" , but as he says I could feel his voice trembling, his body shivering. It took almost an hour. All we can see he she was totally wired and doctors having discussions now 'n then. Also a doctor from Apollo was called since it was critical. We took the seat in the corridor, but the old man never stepped back from gazing through the transparent circle in the glass door and he never stopped mumbling too. We were almost uncertain about it, she became totally lost, and breathed like it were her ultimatum. An hour later, it was about late eleven, the doctor came out to say, "Her Lungs has contracted, this is kind of Extreme, but yes, we are trying our best, hopefully she will be alright" But we felt a sense of Script in the doctors way of saying that. Almost all of us were daunted but now, not the old man. He smiled with great spirit saying "Papa will be alright, I know, She'll be fine 'n she'll come back home with me ! "  A sentence he uttered almost made us melt "Indha marundhu, machine lam pathadhu. Avaluku enna patha podhum, dhairiyam vandhudum , Doctor naa avala pakanum" (Neither the medicines, nor those instruments alone will be enough to cure her, she needs to see me, see me and she'll sure get stronger to overcome all this, Doctor I need to see her) Thats something the Grandpa uttered and waited for no permission and started proceeding in to the ICU. The doctor neither stopped him, who knows it, even he believes what the old man jus said. As we looked through the window he went near granny who was totally wired, with all the daunting machines connected to her, he sat near her, we could jus see him speaking to her as if she is listening, he spoke 'n spoke 'n spoke and smiled and laughed as a part of it. Some moments later he came out vibrantly and said "Papa ll be alright". We din know what to say but appreciated his confidence for doctor never said that. Again the treatment resumed. It was almost half past 12. Doctor came out with a smile saying "Things are under control, her breathing has become regular close to 96% from the initial dreadful 68%. This is more than just Medical efforts" , he shuddered Grandpa's shoulder with a brim in his face saying "Shez got a decent dose of Love, she would be alright" A smile bloomed up at all our face. Grand pa was proud, proud to have his love alright (for him, she already is). 

As I stepped down the hospital stairs, I kept smiling for no reason. Its not a one year or two year affair. Its a 50+ year relationship, how powerful will that love be. They've grown old and they struggle to carry themselves, but they stay so young to carry their better half in their heart.

What a wonderful Love Story I've witnessed that night !! Hats off Old Man, Oh I'm sorry young man !! :)

p.s : Engrave in your heart, There is nothing that could match true Love, Dedication and Devotion, Not the money, power or any sorta material possession . Relationship is something so divine, never ever take a chance of it or play it, knowingly or unknowingly.

I wish you too are blessed with such a noble life like theirs,

and certainly a living worthwhile !! :) :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Dog's way !!

Hope you are doing flamboant as ever !! Here I'm back with a blog :)

Chromepet to Siruseri(Ma Office) is a pretty long travel routine everyday. Perhaphs people  read books, listen to music, do 'bird watching' or the more earthy fellas take a nap ;) I do almost everything outta the list there and additionally one thing I do is making new friends, which I always find really interesting. A simple way to know new thing is to know new people :)

Recently I've got a bus mate who just returned from Florida after a long tenure onsite assignment. We had something in common, coming really late to the bus stand and so in-turn became friends easily :P . He gets excited seeing things, the place that were outskirts then are  hot-spots now..!! We discuss about everything. One day as we were discussing his life there he came up with something which was really funny ?? nah,  interesting?? naah , u gotta say it...

As they say , Onsite is like walking in a shoe of  golden nails. You'll be screwed, but where not. Its all about the way how you take it. So they had a team there who were working for the US Clients in the client office. Life goes well there, they had real good Clients there, they spend time together, sharing food, culture and they were simply good to move with. 

It was a Monday, my friend has gone to office to find  his Clientile head Jonna not available. He checked the mail where-in he has received a cc of the mail that Jonna had sent to her boss.

Hey Bob,

Timmy  is delivering baby in couple of days, So I need to look after her.

Will see you next week.



A week passed on and Jonna,  got back to office, my friend after a chit chat has asked her casually like how did things go and then he has asked like whoz Timmy and how is she now post-delivery. Jonna  replied and my friend has gone awe-struck !! Wanna know what Jonna said. Its here " Hey yeah man., Am So happy about it. Timmy is doing great now, She had delivered a fairy white pup. Its cuter than the cutest creation of God   !! You gotta Come home to see her if u have time, you'll relish too seeing her ! " 

My friend has asked  "So Timmy is you pet dog ? and you took a weeks leave for her delivery? "

The Client has replied "Yeah, Of course"

He has smiled at her and got back to work. Later that week, the Friday, One of the team mates of my friend whoz basically from banglore has called him and informed that his wife is getting admitted in the hospital, the doctor has scheduled the delivery for 11'o clock in the morning. My friend has informed the same to their reporting boss whoz another chennai guy. He has nodded an yes.  My friend has got to the Arabian delight restaurant on the other adjacent street to have his lunch and got back to office at 2. There he saw his friend who just called up in the morning. My friend has wondered like "Man, you said your wife is delivering and you're here now ?? "

"Yes dude, boss called up @ 12, asked me if everything is fine,  I said its a boy baby , he said Excellent and in a spur of the moment he asked me to get back to office asap as they've encountered a critical bug and that needs to be resolved by EOD, I started sayin something, he immediately said, I understand your situation but I just call you now for I din have any other go"and so I'm here...

My friend has Sighed hearing this !!

As he told this...I started laughing aloud forgetting people around me are watching!!

But ain't that funny ?? I don mean to say They slave us, Jus that chasing money we forget to relish the best moments of life..Isn't that true, A Man's most memorable instance definitely include the one when he becomes a father, the moment when he has given life to a cute little kid, Isn't it a moment to celebrate..Not that nobody does it..But yes, these are moments which are common but yet rare !!

So Lets not forget

" At the end of the day, its all these tiny moments that count !! 

Neva miss them !!  "

Friday, August 6, 2010

Go, Kill the bLack Wolf !

Hoping you all are extremely good..and now here I'm back with a post after a break..

OK now, people from PFA 'n Blue cross, don start dialing your phone to put the cuffs on ma wrist for the tag "Go, Kill the bLack Wolf !"   ;-) lolz. yeah. This is not  slaying in reality, but yuh slaying within. Slaughtering the Black wolf within!

I would like to share a small incident that happened 2 days back. I've been to my family friend's home. He owns a Hardware store. Its been sometime since I met him and so went there to spend some time with him. There I was blessed to see his cute Kid who welcomed me with an shrewd smile. He seemed to be too effervescent for his age, he should be not more than  4 or 5. Not a moment he stayed still. A dozen questions, " Uncle whats your name, why are you here, do you like pokeman? you din have school today? " and loads loads more. I was smiling while answering his little cute questions. It was raining outside. As I was admiring  the kid, my friend showed up and  welcomed me . We started to chat on the missed out past. The kid disappeared all of a sudden as I was conversing with his dad. Moments later he jumped out of the stairs from the terrace, he has got drenched in the rain, he started running inside the home making the Italian white marble turn choco fudge with his little muddy foot, but still it was cute, but may be not to his mom ;) She became tempered seeing this, she dragged the kid in to the kitchen and all I heard is a smashing  spank. The kid came out chin down, holding his back and murmuring "I hate you, I hattte you! ". His sparkling eyes were filled with tears ready to flow out. He slowly walked out again and now he wasn't dare enough to go upstairs, but he moved to the hall below the house  which my friend used as a go-down. Me and my friend saw this and shared a smile. We resumed our talk and in a while his wife bought coffee for us, We started sipping it as we discussed family, business, jobs and last but not the least politics. 

Few minutes later, the kiddu came back running fast, hustling back yelling "Mommy, mommy.." in a trembling voice and hugged his mom from behind, we were able to sense of panic in his face. His mom embraced the kid inquiring whats wrong. He whispered "Mommy, there is a bad guy in the hidden in the Go-down, he shouted he hates me, Mommy who is he?? " .  We were puzzled and went down with the kid to unveil whoz In. We three were standing besides the kid who turned at us and pointed his fingers to one corner where the asbestos sheets were mounted and said "He is somewhere there mommy !! " ,His mom took him in his arms and asked, "How did you know that baby, did u see him ?" the kid replied "No Mom, but I heard him, he said he hates me" As we shared a baffled look, now the kid shouted "I hate you, I hattte you !! " facing the darker closed side of the room where in one corner those sheets were mounted. In a  moment the kids voice echoed back " I hate you, I hattte you !!"  and kid looked at his moms eyes and said , "See mommy, he is still there" brimming innocence.  Myself and the kids dad couldn't control and we broke in to laughter..! How silly kids can be  was the thought that conquered my mind. But his mom never laughed at it, she  contemplated and  a moment later She holded the kid and said" Listen baby, he is not a bad boy, he is a good boy much like you. If you love him, he'll love you too.He will be  your friend if you want him to be." The kid gave a suspicious look, but still trusting his mom more than anything in the world, now he turned back to the dark wall and yelled "I Love you, I'm your friend" . In no moment the kid heard back "I Love you, I'm your friend" The kid was so excited hearing that, he started bouncing to his mom, his mom again took her in her arms and said, listen baby, If you hate others, they'll hate you. If you love others they'll love you too, so whats my baby gonna do, he's gonna........ !" The kid reflexed saying  " gonna love others mommy !! " witha smile brighter than Sirius !

As we started walking upstairs, I started thinking how a little thought sown in a mind can actually grow as the so called tree, the character of a person ! The kid wouldn't have understood the physics behind it, how it echoes , or wateva but how well his mom thought him a beautiful lesson in a moment !

Not just for the kid, its for everyone !! and its as simple as that !!
" You get what you give,
                 give love and you'll get the same back"

Learn to Love, unconditionally for life is just a mirror. Its love or hatred you show, it'll show back the same  !!

Its not just about how we treat others, but most of the time how we treat ourselves !!
We mount up assumption like " I can't do that because I'm not born rich...., I'm not intelligent...., I'm not lucky...., I'm not an extrovert...., I don have the right stars now...., I'm not attractive and a loads more "  

Its all a lump sum of pit falls that we dig for ourselves. Never ever limit the possibilities.

Like it goes  "Physics says a bumble bee can neva fly because  aerodynamically its body shape  is so, but you know what, a bumble bee flies, because it neither knows physics nor its limits"

Every time the black wolf within us gets aroused, the wolf of ill thoughts, the wolf of limitations just kill it, kill it with the mightiest weapon called confidence !!

Win yourself with Confidence
Win others with Love !! 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is your Sack Empty ??

The unanswerable question, that arises in every mind. To be or not to be, to stick to it or to move on !I encountered two incidents last week that made me think, think about that mystical cloud that clutters over relationships.

Incident 1 : A Very close friend of mine who was complaining about his Job, his arrogant boss, his monotonous schedule, his unfriendly team mates and so on!

Incident 2 : Another friend of me who started having problems in his long term relationship, who now wonders if she should stick to it or to move on!

I'm sure they shared things not just because they needed a solution for their problems from me, but a heart not an ear that could listen to their issues. I was listening to them for almost an hour.
I consoled them and that night these thought preoccupied my mind, It was a no moon day, the day I usually spend time in my terrace star gazing. That day I was wondering how jumbled and disarrayed these stars are but still they remain alluring. Just think wouldn't it be boring if the stars were aligned in a matrix one after other ?? So is Life
"Life is Complete only with all the Incompleteness"

As I was gazing at the bewitching sky, the voice of my fiends who spoke to me started echoing. I stretched myself of the straw mat in my terrace and started thinking. I found a similarity in both their issues. The Expect things in return for what they do, of course everyone does, but when your actions are merely focussed on the returns, you can expect disappointment as it is a rule, for mosta the game we think we play, but its the circumstance that governs the game.

The person in the relationship says she was utmost dedicated, she does everything for him and she "Sacrificed" this, that and a lot for him but he always does things in his own way, he never bothers to care. The friend of mine said his boss neva appreciates when his idea clicks or when he is ahead of deadline, but the boss never fails to screw every inch of his happiness when he slips his schedule and a lot more complaints. Both of them have "Adjusted" for a long time and finally when they broke out it is volcanic. Whats the problem here, neither of the sides is justifiable. After contemplating on both of their issues 'n complaints I found the loophole which might have been the reason for a major problem.

I found a war between "Adjust and Understand".
Whenever the situations and circumstances are undesirable, when we have a red eye over our boss, when we have a face-off with a loved one, when we have a controversy with a close friend, when we have a difference of opinion with a colleague or business partner, human tendency is to try defending our Stans and if that is not possible we try to Adjust. "Adjust", there begins every problem.

Consider in every relationship you have a sack at your back. Sack is empty in the beginning, and as days roll on, we come with all the above said difference of opinions leading to verbal wars. SO what you think is, it is better to avoid this topic here-on. So this is adjusting, which sounds pretty correct to have a smooth relationship. But just consider this as a stone, the topic which you avoid to discuss is a stone added in the sack in your back. As days roll on, you get new stones added in the sack of your relationship. You have a lot of topics that you could not discuss/share. So a virtual distance rises up, the topics you avoid starts out numbering the topics you could discuss. A gap or a slit is formed in the relationship. What sounded to be really prospective/lovable in the begining is something now which you think a lot even before just speaking. Your Sack has become so heavy, you find it difficult to carry the relationship. It simply means, Adjusting can never be a solution. Its o'ly the foundation you lay problem that you wanna see down the line.

So what can be done. If Adjusting is not the solution, what else is ?
Understand. People often confuse these too. They pretend to understand,but what they actually do it Adjust. Yes, Understanding is also a sack at the back, but with a big hole, you drop the stone at the sack but its dropped on the way, foreva, keeping your relationships light!

To Understand someone is not so easy, but yes, it is not so tough too, If you really are interested in having the relationship moving smooth. Just two things would do.
1.) What if I were him/her ?
If this again gives a negative answer for you, Goto 2
2.) People are as different as their DNA. God made them so.Nobody is a replica of yours. Those who live happy don't have the right ones next to them. It is just that they learn to enjoy living with minor discrepancies . They have a concave lens over the negatives and convex over the positives.

Relationships are like crystals once broken can never be fixed
and even if fixed will never be the same.
Treasure every Relationship and Never be judgmental. Keep your Sack Empty !!

Happy Living !!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Angel Disguised !!

" God is too busy to look over everyone, and so he does sends Angel to look after you! "

I am the youngest and she is the eldest, All we had is fights. I still remember the days where I show up to school with three inch bruises on my wrist and yes am brave enough to mark my ability by clawing her face and hands. We were just more than terrible as kids. All I know those days is I'm Tom and shez Jerry, I would be screwed up even if I'm silent. But yeah, I'm not as silent as Tom;-)

Years rolled off, we grew, but things never changed. I found her no better. Nothing less than a villain in-house ;) I hate the Hitlorism. The way she wakes me up @ 4 in the morning, (but, I always liked the coffee she offers in the morning) I hate the way she makes sure that I have my Chemistry book on hand, all lights are on and every damn thing. Its always tough to flick-trick her. The moment I doze in my table, she'll be there behind me know what.. :-(

Thou my conscience knew that I wud have neva scored the decent 78% in 10th without those hitlorism, My brain never tried to be submissive. 10th results were out. Teenage, I jus wanted to freak out. I opted for commerce group, she tore my application, the point I literally felt how wud it be if I haven't had her in my life. I was pushed into science group. and again those sort of hitlorism for another 2 years, in fact it became even more worse. but how could you wake up someone who pretends to be sleeping ;-)

Finally 12th was done too, with a mediocre 75%, but that never really bothered me. I was fine with the path that life takes me. I jus felt I cud enjoy whatever be it. Now here came the entrance exam and I said a biG no, I din want to struggle with the Engineering agenda!! I was stomped and buckled and made to write the entrance exam. but yes I still remember how I wrote it. It was a beautiful rainy day. I had an amazing sleep once I got in my exam hall. The supervisor woke me up in the last 30 minutes asking me to break-open the answer sheet seal, and so did I. Now its time to complete. Guess its 99 question, took me 15 mins, of-course that the max for a person who fills A-B-C-D-D-C-B-A Pattern ;)

And finally Once I got all my results out, my friends started joining in the Best colleges around, a sense of isolation draped my heart. I become secluded myself. To my wonder I found the so called Hitler to be the most understanding person at that time. She so stood in my shoes. She made all possible moves and went to the extremities of disposing our possession to make sure I get into the best college. All those things made me think, I was in a fake world where I misunderstood. All I saw is her actions, but not her intentions. Its the time she made me realize whats life, removing my rosy glass, and yeh she too understood that I realized things happening around me.

She spoke hours together which bought me nothing less than the tears from heart. How fake are perceptions. What we presume to be "The ignorablez" are actually the most adorable. She was there for me, making me realize my potential and encouraging me in every single point of time.

I owe all that I have to her, for without her I would have never become an Engineer, I would have never had such a job,I would have never known whats good and whats not, I would have neva known whats important and whats not, I would have never become a person who can handle life practically and live by values. My dad passed away when I was 9, but I'm certain about the fact that he took care of me through her, She was not just a sister, but a friend, a philosopher, a teacher, a father and yeh an Angel too!

Thanks for all that you are. And yes, Wish you a very very Happy B'day My dear Sis !!

I'm lucky that I have sucha wonderful Sis like ya! Luv ya! :) :)

Keep Smiling, for you are blessed with two Angel to take care of you. All My prayers are there for you and the pretty two with you!! :) :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Old Man in my Street Corner !

"The Greatest of Pleasures often lies in the smallest of deeds"

I've often been reminded of this line from Paulo, wheneva I sit in my veranda to sip my cup of coffee.

Its true that we love these small things a lot but we often despise paying attention to it.

Its just another day on my veranda sipping my coffee, Its West facing and so sitting there is pampering while the sun sets.

One such day, I ought to find an Old man. He seemed to be bearing a humble ragged figure , in late 50's.
He may not have been very old, but he had been badly treated by life and time.He used crutches, because one of his legs was withered. What really impressed me, though, was that even with the crutches he managed to carry an old classical Harmonium (Sort of a small Piano)

He sat down in the street corner, which is normally a buzy lane. He stretched sitting and set his instrument. No one in the road ever bothered to pay attention to him, He observed the hustling atmosphere for a moment, stared the Quill in the electric line above, smiled, and in few moment he started to sing.

As soon as I heard his voice singing, I started to shake all over, It was like the voice of an Angel, So serene and blessed, yet sad!

Not just me, his voice penetrated every soul around there Little by little it filled the whole atmosphere, echoing around, involving and elevating !

I could see chindren stop playing and start staring him, a sense of mesmerism spread across in the air.

A hefty lady who was in her evening walk by the road intending to reduce weight was stuck by the song,

A Door delivery boy amidst the heavy weight on his bi-cycle stood stunned listening to the soul-penetrating song.

The Old mans face bore a serenity of charm amidst the dark spotted skin, wrinkled forehead and shredded grey hair.

I realized that every single person over there were experiencing a moment of ephimeral eternity, a communion with other souls as if by magic . We had been called to another dimension, to a more beautiful universe where perhaps everything made sense... or perhaps not!

His voice shattered the barriers and made all of us One ! It was truly mystical !

Now the hustle-bustle of the street was freezed, freezed because of his song, I could feel the blooming freshness in every face as if they have soaked their soul in spirituality, as if its the day they were born!

Few moments later, making it more sustaining at heart, his voice grew quiet and a silence remained that had an almost oppressive taste of emptiness. But then, hands clapped effusively, smiles lit up every face and the children roared out enthusiastically for an encore.

The old man never reacted except for a divinely smile he bore, he gathered his crutches and folded back his instrument and started to walk as if his mission is completed.

The spur of the moment, I back led my coffee, ran out and only rested when I caught up to him, all out of breath.

I excavated my tracks pocket to pullout the little money I had and squzeed it in his hands, but neither it brought a difference in the way he reacted. He was set to proceed!

He was about to turn back and thats where I holded his shoulders and hugged him an appreciation. I felt something beyond humane in him. I concluded my embrace asking him never to stop singing! His wrinkled face grew soft and his eyes shrink as he smiled at me.

I never saw him again, but I would like to believe that he is walking down other paths, weeping his fado songs, making people smile from the soul, fulfilling his mission.

If he happens to stop by near you, please tell him that I have not forgotten him.

P.S : There is lot to admire is this big world,
Embrace every moment, Acknowledge it with Love,
You don't need anything Worth a million to make others happy.
More often Love and care, straight from heart is worth a Million Dollar!

" Keep Smiling and make People Smile with pristine love "

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Power of " One Rupee! "

It happens just in movies that a 1 Rupee coin could turn a pauper to billionaire! ;)
Sure this post is not one such story ;)

Last evening when I dropped my jean for a wash I found a one rupee coin running out of the ticket pocket as I threw the jean. Reflexively I chased the one rupee coin that ran to the veranda and then to the porch and finally I grabbed near the gate with a smile!

Getting in, I stared at the coin, I was reminded of the moments that I use to bug my mom for 1 rupee every evening when I come back from school, when I was in 2nd or 3rd class. It was a big deal by then, but now, I jus smirked., Seated back comfortably in my couch I started thinking of what all a one rupee coin could do now!

Now here is the list

1.) An Phone call in urgency when your mobile doesn't work !

2.) A match box to ignite the b'day candles (yeah, I'm a kiddu, cigar, now watz dat! )

3.) Weighing in Railway Station swearing to reduce it!

4) Water packet on a sunny day.

5) Band aid

6) A4 Sheets

7) Coconut scrap on road side shop

8) Soan papdi in beach

9) Marbles to play

10) Butter biscuit in tea shop

11) Safety Pin

12) To make a toss in Cricket Match

13) To draw a circle in biology exam ;)

14) To but a Shampoo Sachet (Now don ask for what! :-/ )

15) To fill the air in bicycle tubes!

16) To buy a Pickle Packet ;) ;P

17) Used Pepsi Can

18) 1 Rupee Pepse ;P (The mobile ice cream boy brings it)

19) Rangoli/holi color powder.

20) Aspirin ??

21) Mosquito coil (Just one )

22) Kaaja Beedi (Loose beedi's)

23) 1 Rupee Coffee powder sachet

24) To Offer it to a beggar on road side.

25) Jus that One rupee could make a person with 999,999,999 a billionaire!!

Oops !! Running out of points! So now , you gotta back this up!
What it means for you, A One Rupee coin !!

Monday, June 7, 2010

wHen diSruPti0n meAnz bLiSS !! ;)

" Phew..Not my cup of tea " the very famous dialog that I chant within very often wheneva I think of my Job. Being a typical piscean, I jus hate monotonous life. But am sure, u need not be a piscean to feel this, everyone does, but the fact is we become used to it.

Monday to Friday workaholic-ally work !! You hardly give a glimpse at your mum' face too, you just yell for the coffee when you start, and when you get back, you feel mentally exhausted and fall in your bed. Weekends get drowned!

Not thats the extremity of robotism !! Lets break it, lets break this way ??

* Wake up an hour earLy :
Try waking up a hour before, just take a walk breathing the foggy early morning breeze. Try listening to the chirping birds, or jus go to the terrace with your coffee mug to witness the blush yellow sun rising up the silver sky. yes, just this could turn your on!!

* Try a new route :
If you commute to office on your own, try taking a new road which sounds uncertain for you. It would give you the feel of Robert Frost's lines ;P . Jus have the direction in mind, east or west or wateva, jus traverse with that in mind.

* Talk to a Stranger:
Since I were a kid, My mom should have said that a million times not to talk to any stranger, but what would happen if you did? Lots, actually. Join a community or an association. Meet new people. Talk about new topics. Enrolling in an environment club might kindle a passion for gardening, a passion you never knew you had.

* Get set, Go !!
Skim through the newspaper and find out various competitions taking place in your city. Participate in any one that you can relate to. An essay competition can be your chance to vent out your feelings about an issue close to your heart. Go out and have fun because you will be the only person who knows that winning, here, is not everything.

* A new Cuisine !!
Take your friend with you, try a new chain of restaurants which flaunts its new Thai Cuisine for the Half back rice flavored TsuKi Fish! Tastes good or not, who bothers, It ll definitely be a food that you'll remember, that shall bring a smile/smirk on your face ;)

* Play a Music Instrument :
Don't learn, Just start exploring a music instrument, you'll start composing the fusion on classical 'n Guzzle ;) It'll really sounds good (At least for you)
*Make sure there is no heart patients around! ;P

* Wear ur Shirt Inside-out!
Let them get freaked, when they say your shirt is so, never say a word, just smile as if they are lunatics ;) (*COnditions Apply: Not to Office)

* Write from the end of the page:
Let it be a team meet or a session, Everyone takes notes, you start it from the bottom of the page and come up line by line, if someone asks you just spindle a yarn @ the moment (Ex: Einstein has said you remember things better when you write this way) ;P

* Ask for White Petrol :
Go to the Gas Station to fuel your vehicle, say him that you have modified your bike with Boeing Engine and so demand him for white petrol !! ;) ;P

* Spend in Dollars :
Get your bucks converted in to dollars, Say you've jus returned from US and offer those $$$ in Bus, Canteen and yeh wereva !! ;)

* Short Term Memory Loss:
When you cross your friend in the office or somewhere else, see him and walk forward as if he is a stranger. When he puts his hands on you act as if you haven't seen him in your life ( Betta be careful , don last this for a long time, he is ur friend, and wud neva bother breaking your nose for this) ;P

* Gift your friend:
Gift your friend an Empty box, or if you want things to be more interesting, go for a mice, lizard or Snake ??? ;)

* IVR Voice out :
When a friend calls you, repeat saying "The number you are trying to reach is currently busy" in an odd voice. Till he gets pissed, and then call him back ;)

* Don't pay :
Have food in a local hotel, walk off when he gives the bill, when he follows you, try to act as if you don understand his language. (Again risky, so don prolong the act ;) )

* Buy Tickets to New Jersey:
Go to the the Local railway station and ask for 2 Tickets to New Jersey ! If he yells, say I'm sorry New Perungalathur, Its New Perungalathur that I meant :) :)

* Cook :
Something which I love, When you find time, and find something on your kitchen, start the sport. Collage, thats what you gotta do, try n add everything thats edible under ur viscinity and finally even if it doesn't smell good. Have a big smile n saw, "Wow, Its Awesome"

SO Try it !! And yeah do me know if you have better ideas to make people yell
" What the heLLL "

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you the youngest @ Home ??

As I was hunting topic to blog on, I came across a post from a very close friend of mine !
It seemed to be pretty perfect for me to contradict him, SO here it goes !!

Now teaming up with All the youngest child in the family, here we put up stuffs that turns our thumbs up n down !!

Perks :

* You are Pampered, really, be it the last cookie or the diwali dress or Window Seat, its you who gets the priority.

* You've got your elder brother/Sister to draw the diagrams in the Record book. (Buy yeah, you gotta plead them :P )

* You're always forgiven by parents stating that you're so young to know/do/say that!

* When you complain on your bro/sis , you're always believed for the fact you are younger and you won lie!

* You have your bro/sis to borrow a penny when your pockets are emptied.

* Be it a fight with Next bencher in Junior School or Contro-Gang fella in Senior School, you can threaten them with the name of your bro (You bro might be the most reserved guy, but who cares ;) )


* You are the stress buster for your elder bro/sis. He can storm you wheneva he/she feels like.

* You are destined to follow the footsteps of your elder bro/sis. They act like Godfathers ;)

* You're compared with them by your parents on academics/socio behavior and loads on!

* If you're a girl, you just cant talk to a guy casually, the bodyguard ll always be there, the big brother ;P

* Independance, now watz that?

Post in ur experience as the youngest one in the family or If you're eldest, just jump in here

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love surpasses Everything !!

He is my Childhood friend, we sit in adjacent seats right from KG and ve done all mysterious stuff together. Not all would be lucky to have a friend with whom you've played when you were 6 months old. I'm blessed with one such friend. We share everything. (Not a single day I have left his lunch for him ;) ) We grew, and we got into 10th class, we were not the brainy heads of the class and so we were made to sit late in the evening to Study (Hate that). Thou we managed to chit-chat bypassing the attention of the supervisors.

One day we were caught by the Principal. She made a 12th girl to sit amidst us. I thought that could not stop us from talking, but to my astonishment, things changed, My dear friend started ogling with the 12th girl, he just dint talk, what he did was Talk-k-k-k-k-k-k-ing ! I didn't have any other go, so expertized “One eyed Nap” without getting caught. Days rolled by, Their bonding got better, Eves-dropping was boring too, coz they spoke about all worthless things in this world ;) ;) . Finally it was end of the year and She passed out of the School. We, got into 11th Class. With all the threats bombs, we pretended to work hard. These 2 years he never happened to talk about her, so I presumed they've lost contact. Finally we completed 12th and I was forced into Engineering and he was pushed into B.Sc. Do I need to say, we just met in weekends and we shared all college stuffs, but he never uttered a word about the girl.
One day when we were in the second year, I was returning home late, I got a sight which I couldn't believe. My dear friend with a girl in his Dad's bike. All I had to do was smile wide. (Kalavani payalae) I never saw the girls face, but the voice inside me clearly said its her. Went home refreshed myself and started to his home, where I saw an innocent guy watching TV. Took him upstairs and Wrestled him and asked

Me: Boss, Whats happening, Whoz the one in your pillion this eve, You finally got caught huh!

Him: Me huh, Dey I was watching TV since I came from college.

Me : (Again Wrestled and posed him for Rock bottom)

Him: Wait ! Wait !! Lemme tell you !!

Me : (Releasing him from my clutch) You could have done this earlier !! fine temme wats goin on!

Him: Blush Blush,

Me: Speak out now, or you'll be killed.

Him: Dai, you know her.

Me: I know, buy you are saying it now ;)

Him: Yes da, its her, who sits amidst us, you remember??

Me: Yes sir, I do (All Smiles) You kept it off the shelves all these days huh..Anyways good.
But Shez 2 years elder to you, Did you give a thought about it?

Him: Neva mind, I love her for what she is, and just these two year difference would never stop things.

ME: Cool that you're strong about it...., Seri Seri Treeeeaaaaaattt !!

So things went that way and I really felt happy for him for I knew the girl is real worth for the chase, Yeh you could easily find the dedication in a person's eyes. But one thing kept eating my mind, He is younger than her, will their parents agree, Is he really serious or is he wearing the rose glass? . But All I wanted is his happiness and wish he gets married to her, but with a sense of uncertainty in heart.

Days n years rolled off. Now he has completed his B.SC and MBA too and got a job in an MNC. She works as a lecturer in a college. Right time to take it to the parents. They both were convinced on this and they took it forward. I was sure about one thing, his parents would agree as a matter of fact their marriage was a love marriage. As I suspected, it went, O'ly his mom showed a concern on the age factor initially but things went smooth with his dad's stolid support.

Here came the twist, They opened the issue in her home, We looked at the problem in just one dimension, age factor, but here grossed another dimension. She is a brahmin and he is not. It bombed to be the biggest problem now. They even abused him on this, but just for the sake of her, he (Mr.Short temper) tolerated everything. It took a year to convince her parents and both of them stood in their stans. One fine day they agreed to get them married. He is 23 and she is 25, they were not sure if this is the right time to get married, but just one thing conquered their mind, they just cant live without each other. .

So the wedding bells are here, Again as they progressed towards the wedding, the parents had those verbal wars, his father is an atheist and her father is religious. They had conflicts of opinions, but these two handled it in the best way possible without hurting their parents. They never showed their blues to others. I've read in novels and seen in movies, Body of two and soul of One, but when I saw all these things happen, I really felt lucky to witness it.

Finally it was this Sunday , the day of happiness, the day of rituals , the day of smiles, and the day of their dreams. They got married after a 6 years commitment, I felt deep in my heart that the two should have the best of lives for they stood across all the tougher times together passing the testaments of life.

To Fall in Love happens to everyone,
To find the soul mate happens to few, but
To stand for them,no matter what, happens just with very few !!

I'm proud that my friend is one among the very few!

This post is dedicated specially to My Dear Friend and to all those who value True Love !