Tuesday, August 18, 2009

" Rewrite Destiny !! "

March 8, 1995…The little boy turned 8, As usual, my dad made up the arrangement for the b’day party and things were getting ready, friends were invited and yuh family too.,

Last year it was a bi-cycle, So what’ll be it for this year, My dad knew all the tricks to excite me., It was 6 odd , Dressed up in ma new clothing, friends n family have gathered.,It was all fun outta there., We all had a sumptuous dinner accompanied by my mom’s special “Mysore Poli”… The eve was simply awesome. My dad made it special as usual., Everyone left the party. I was tired but still with all excitement and expectation in heart about whatz gonna be dad’s gift., He never left out a word till now.., My dad took me in his arms and said “I’m sorry I jus have this to gift you this year “, and kissed my cheeks, being a kid that was quite disappointing, but matured enough not to reveal that., “Its OK papa, Its worth a lot” and kissed him back...

Chin Down, I turned back, started walking towards my cycle…A hand grabbed me from the back, raised me up the ceiling and kissed, I knew it was my dad., I sensed ma mom’s animated smile beside…Dad said “He din say a word, how sweet “ and in a moments, mom echoes “Much like you” , I jus looked on his eyes., He gave a grin , he put his hands in his pocket and a took out his hands, I was eager to know what it was., but..his hands were closed., yuh it was big enough to curtain what was in..My favorite game it is, to open his hands…I smiled at him and started my encounter…All my weight over him., all my strength @ his hands..Finally managed to open his little finger…The big man din bother about that…I tried ma best to unhook his next finger..thou it was tougher., There flashed in my mind, the cheat code…He had a tickle point…I tickled him and he burst out in laughter…”Ok ..ok I’ll show u now…” We all had smiles in our face.,from the heart…He opened his hand to bring it to light…That was a cute gold ring..

He asked me show my fingers and he slided it on my ring finger…

I was amazed how well It fits in my finger.., how did he knew the size very well..I jus said myself “After all He knew me so well, coz he loves me so much”.

That night, I was just staring at it and didn’t knew when I slept…

The next day in school, It was all flaunting (kid yaar !! ;) ) ,

Sounds funny, Shaking hands with everyone to sport it, and boastin sayin , yuh its my dad’s gift..

That weekend we went to our native..An amazing place..Beach view from the bedroom, what more…I always had a fascination to play at beach, demanded my dad to take me to beach, and he did so…It was 7 in the morning…Had a great time in water thou I don’t know swimming..Time jus rolls off there, it clocked 9 and my dad said Its high time and we gotta get back home…Unwillingly walked off the shore…Had a bath in a nearby sump., To the panic., I noted I didn’t have the ring in my finger..I was afraid to say that to my dad, but managed to say him., I thought I would be scolded at the moment, but my dad jus asked are you sure you wore it when u came to beach…I nodded an yes…He took me back to beach shore and confirmed the place where I was playing…That beach was so shallow, and Its full of coral reefs [Kind of cup shaped rocky structures in sea bench) in the shore…We both had a walk there glimpsing at the enigmatic sea, knowing its impossible to get the ring back...He took me in his arms and said, “ Fine if its for you , you’ll definitely get it back…We’ll get back home.., Don say it to mom, coz she’ll screw you for that, I’ll get you a new one once we reach Chennai.. “ I nodded my head, as we walked back from the shore..I turned back at the sea with a grief in my eyes for it swallowed my dad’s gift..

He wanted to make me comfortable and embraced me. We reached home, The day was busy with the rituals happening in the temple..Ma mom was too busy to note my lost ring. Thou I was in the temple, all ma heart was over the ring., All I wanted is to get the lost ring back, and not a new one, Not everything in this world can be replaced, and that’s what termed as emotion..

The sun started to melt in the sea , and we all were back at the home., Whenever we stay in our native, we prefer sleeping in the terrace, but that day I was not comfortable there., with my thoughts pre-occupied. I came down and had a nap in the bedroom, My dad backed up, I saw him sleeping next to me when I broke out of sleep in middle of the night..I smiled, and resumed my sleep…

With the warmth of the morning sun, woke up at 6, and rolled over ma dad..He woke up by then., Native’s special , A sort of Palm extract juice was served, had a gulp of it, My dad asked “Do u wanna go to the beach? “ , I said nothing, but he wanted to take me, So we went, He spoke about how he spent his childhood days over there, and the bet he had with his friends to sleep in the cemetery for a night., Of course he did it., It took 20 minutes to reach the beach. I din step in the water, we both sat near the shore, where I lost the ring, We were talking about the sea monster, blue whales, and Sri Lanka which was few Kilometers away from that place by sea thou all my heart was over the lost ring, All of a sudden, to my astonishment, I could see something glittering under a coral reef, It was morning sun and It glittered well under a cup shaped rock which had shrub in it, My dad noted I’m intrigued by something there, He din take his sigh out of me as he watched me moving towards it, I put my hands in it, to unveil the mystery. I jus jumped out with all the energy in heart, and with the ring in my hand, My dad was awestruck, he jus came to me, hugged and said “I said you yesterday, If something is for you, no matter what, you’ll get it, all you need is to bestow your trust on it and on the soul of the world…” Thou I didn’t understand what’s the soul of the Earth by that time.

I was so happy that day, It was the day I started believing If you do something with all your heart on it, you can “Rewrite your Destiny” , I don have the man now who gifted it, but even now wheneva I look at it, I jus say I’m lucky I had him in my life, for he thought me the best of living..

The world is so big and it threatens you for your desires, but all you need is envisioning your dreams, believe it from the heart, give your fullest dedication…At the end of the day, no matter what It’ll be yours and you can “Rewrite your Destiny