Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quadra Love !!

She was an uptown girl blessed with the best of beauty and riches. In a western nation like where she live, its not a stumbling factor to have more than one Boy friend., she was one of the kind ., She had 4 boy friends. She had the best times of life with them.
She loved the 4th boy friend more than anyone, she cherished him with all her riches, she adored him with rich robes and fed him the with the best of delicacies in the town.
She loved the 3rd boy friend too,she was so happy to have him, she was indeed flaunting him. but in some corner of her mind something said he'll leave her one day.
She loved the 2nd boy friend, but she knew he would stand by her side at tougher times. So she didn't bother about him much when things were fine.
And now the 1st boy friend, whom she never bothers about, hardly nurtures him, hardly cares for him.though he was so loyal, super dedicated, nothing was important for him more than her, all his thoughts were surrounded on her.

SO Life moved on that way, all of a sudden, she fell ill, had the worst nightmares come true. She was on the bed and she was said her life is gonna end soon. She was totally dejected., She knew she had everything in life that anyone would want to have., but she asked herself whats gonna come wit me after death.

She met her 4th boy friend, asked him "Darlin, I'm gonna die, I wanna be wit yo, Will you come with me across death ? I jus don wanna miss you"
The 4th boy friend said.." I know you loved me more than anything, but you know, I'm not so worthy..I don wanna be so too, I won stay wit you across death.."

She met her 3rd boy friend, asked him "Darlin, I'm gonna die, I wanna be wit yo, Will you come with me across death ? I jus don wanna miss you"
The 3rd Boy said "Listen, Its time for me to get along with another gal..I've been adored by every gal..So I'll be with another gal when you're dead !! "
The words went deep into her heart like an Italian sword piercing the flesh.

She met her 2nd boy friend, asked him "My man, I'm gonna die, I wanna be wit yo, Will you come with me across death ? I jus don wanna miss you"
The 2nd Boy friend said "Hey You're really important for me, but jus understand you're not the purpose of my presence here. So its jus that you're gonna die alone, accept it, believe me, I love you and I'll be there with you till your last breath..."
His answer stuck like a bolt of lightning deep in her heart..

She felt deserted with things happening around her, nothing made any sense for her now, neither her riches , nor her beauty...

Her head dropped down as she was disappointed, she was contemplating about her misconceptions..She heard footsteps., someone came near her, raised her chin. It was 1st boy friend. He was fragile 'n dull..But with the best of his voice he came out saying "Don worry dea ! I'll be with you , no matter where you go., even across death, I'll stay wit you no matter where you are and where you go"

All she had was tears in her eyes, She wasn't able to believe what she heard, He was the one ill treated by her, hardly noticed in fact, but its him who stands by her side in the rough patch of life... She weeped on his arms realizing she made the biggest blunder ignoring him all these days. But It was too late...Everything is over Now !!

P.S Note : The story above is fictional and all characters are imaginary :)

But its gotta trail...yeah.. The gal is none other than you, me , every one of us....

The 4th Boy friend is our " BODY ", we nurture him the best with the best clothes and rich delicacies , but no deal, he leaves you when we die..

The 3rd Boy friend is "Wealth and Possessions", yeah it moves to another person when we die..

The 2nd Boy friend is "Family and Friends ", they love you so much, but all they can do for you is , they can come up to the grave yard..

And now the 1st boy friend is "The Soul" with-in, we hardly notice it, we seldom nourish it., but Its been with us across the best and worst times of life...We often tend to neglect him in the pursuit of wealth possession and people. But no matter what he lives for us and only us..

So jus believe Its the soul, its the voice within the head..Its the commitment..Its the loyalty..Its the sense of satisfaction that keeps one happy...

Don Skip your track in pursuit of happiness, it might lead you to an undeserved place., Happiness lies within !!

"Its the divine with-in you that can give you Eternal pleasure that will never deplete"