Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seldom push thy WaLL !

A tranquillized sleep mostly never brings a dream, but I guess hardly a few are blessed wit that...I gotta admit I'm not the one wit that blessing...Yeah...Lots of thoughts while in the minutes before to bed, nothing strange to end up with dreams...But there are 'dreams' which are quite strange...

A couple of days back, I went to bed by late 11, of course with loadsa thoughts grinding in ma machine of mind.., It usually takes a while for me to fall asleep in the bed, and finally I slept in sometime. It should be 3a.m I guess, I woke up all of a sudden, eyes wide opened to recognize that I'm still in the darkness of Night., Yes it was the second time I had the the a sequential dream..I was puzzled and I wanted some water by then..I stepped down from my bed to reach the fridge to have water, not to quench my thirst,but may be to quit the strangeness..So wats the dream...

A wide plain wall which could indeed abstract anything in the other side.,Jus imagine a big wall without any horizon , reaching the skies, A wall painted in ice blue..I could obviously not know wats there on the other side..So All I had was a Big Wall on one side and a lush greeneries and a fresh stream running in midst of it on the other side where rabbits play in in the greeneries and herd of reindeer slurping the water from the running stream, the water there is so clear to unveil the pebbles in the water bed..,

If you ask whats the odd ball out there, I've got it here, right now... The first day...I visualized myself pushing the big blue wall with all my efforts down on it., I saw myself sweating and exhausted but still nothing stopped me pushing the wall., It was like I'm pushing it for my life. Everything vaporized in a moment as I broke out of my sleep..Couple of days from that again, it was like a continuation...The dream started with "An exhausted me" tired of pushing the wall, understanding it can never be pushed, sat near the wall with a disproportion of frustration coz I weren't able to push the wall and the scoop of energy given by the the serenity of nature on other side. Time passes and I was resting myself, cherishing the breeze across the greeneries and I started walking towards the stream to taste the elixir of life. I was sitting on a rock in the stream with my legs swaying and playing with the gushing water and with the flame angel and coral beauty..I could hear quills singing song for me, A pair of deer chasing each other playing in their own way., It was simply nothing short of Heaven...But It was just the time to take a wink ,I was dumbstruck seeing what was happening there, I was witnessing all those serenity getting transformed, transforming into a wall...A big blue wall much similar to what I found on the other side...
It grew and never stopped and finally yet another big blue wall with no horizon...

" Do I need to push it ? " , "Will I get those serenity back ? "

Thats where I broke out of ma sleep !! Ain't it mystifying ?? Atleast I found it so..May be thats why I told my mom about this for which all she could do is smile and say.,Don bee too creative !

But I felt in my deep heart that its gotta message for me, I rode my bull alone to a lonely beach and sat in the shore appreciating the heavenly breeze in the dusk and the chillness that the wind brought me from the mystic ocean ! A deep contemplation which I rarely do, I continuously had the glimpse of the dream and things happening in my life.., Is it an analogue or am I correlating them ! I din have an answer for this...But I was reaching out to the point...

So the Serenity of Nature is the people or situations in our life which we bestow the most and getting it transformed into a wall is the way it changes, leaving no trails of what they've been all these days actually..

So what are we supposed to do, how are we supposed to react for the changes happening around (In fact 'change' is an understatement to describe what exactly it is)... Are we supposed to push them, are we supposed to knock them, can we ever do that...The answer is simply "No".
Here a thought conjured up in my mind "The scope of Influence" , I can influence anything on Me but not anything over this world...Anything other than "The Self" is out of scope to influence. So all we can do is admit that it has transformed, serenity is no more the same, its just a wall which can not be influenced, and dropped with a hope that If the Almighty can transform a serenity into a wall, a plain wall., he can in deed transform a wall into serenity one day ! Its hard to accept that the serenity we admired the most is now an just an unresponsive wall.,the moments we cherished the most, are just memories of past !! All We can do is accept it for the fact that you'll jus be hurt if u try knocking the wall to bring back your serenity !!

"The tide never stays with the shore, but its not that the shore loses them, it endures the loses, depicting as if it has never lost "

Learn to accept things as they are, give nothing less than your best, the world migh not seem to be fair, but Its g00d...Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth "You owe me! " Look at what happens witha dedication like that, after all It lights the whole sky !!

Jus Rememba
"That Which is to give light, must endure burning"