Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is your heart Out there with you ??

After a considerable break, I joined a new project ! A new Location where I din knew a single head !

New People, new Acquaintances, a change which I desired now . Here I have half a dozen of young chaps joining my project who just passed out of college! Every morning when I see them I sense a nostalgia, I regret about something, I crave for something with all those effervescent memories of my college days rushing in to my head ! The boys are so lively 'n Kinetic, all they need is to find a reason to laugh, laugh till their stomach aches, candid about the corporate ethics or whoz watching them or what in turn will happen. A care free attitude much like a seagull flying in the coastline !

I closed my eyes jus to bring back the burried memories of college, I could see an unbound who just had 12 Indian Dollars (for commuting) in his pocket everyday and yet walked like the Prince of the Reign. The bottom sip bets, the Daring Zero paged answer sheets, the attendance lag issues, the canteen crimes, symposium-mania, Gang Suspensions, Birthday Bumps, class hours munching and a million fresh 'n vibrant memories !

As I opened my eyes, It all disspaears jus to witness a so called professional, who things times just to utter a word, who acts so serious, who infact follows the "Work for Weekends" paradigm and and whoz bored of the fact "I know whats my tomorrow!".

This brought me the the question, Is it me, the sober, reluctant person who is working just because he need to Work ?? And something that struck my mind the very moment is "No, Its what I pretend as Me !!" A Bulls Eye to hit on, A subject matter that needed to be looked upon.

These thoughts kept eating my mind & Thoughts.

Meanwhile, I was invited by a friend of mine for a function, My Closest pals were there, "A Once upon a time Gala Gang" . Now all with a made out Smile, with some thoughts or the other running in their mind and just physically present there . Jus 3 years, what had changed it all !! I was baffled ?? Why din I find LIFE in these faces which were Once a Godown of Energy !!

And what made me wonder the most is when I watched this One Person, a dear friend of mine. The Synonym of Energy, the synonym of Dancer/Rockstar or Wateva u call , She was a Celebrity in college for her Dance 'n Choreography !! Who made her Screen appearance in college days itself. A Gal whom I presumed would be in Magazine front cover bragging abt her Dance Academy or something in years down the line !! But she was just yet another person in the tight smiled list with some regrets flooding that can easily be seen !!

Yet another person on the scale of 10 hours work a day and another 4 hours commuting to work. What has limited the life ? Why is life much like a known card, like the other side of the coin !

This made me think as I rode my bull back home, As I reached home Something kept creeping my mind. All I needed is an Answer, A Solution ! What is the reason for this change , Is it Age, I chuckled, Its definitely now, coz I know people, and particularly a person whoz 50 & still remains 20 (My all time Role Model, My Brother, My Correspondent & most of it My biggest source of Inspiration !! ) So , Its not the age !!

So What then ??

I kept grinding my mind to squeeze out something , and when I cross-interrupted our life styles & patterns & just felt this.

"Commitment, that forces to compromise the Passion we have"

To be more precise, The Family Situation demands me to do this, I don think I have a card to choose, but I know this is not my card, but I gotta play with this!! Hey, I jus have to give up on what my heart pound on, Everyday, every minute !!

So finally arrived at the Problem !! Now whats going to be the solution, Sure, not to live with it..! While contemplating I remembered a small story I read way back !

Socrates, when asked by a young chap, what could make a person successful. He asked the young chap to walk along him, they had a river on the way and they had to cross it by walk. They both started traversing and when the water was neck deep , to the young chaps surprise , socrates pushed him under his arms and made him go under water. He struggled to breathe. he fluttered & when he was about to turn blue, socrates let him come up. The young chap asked in a perplexed tone "Why did you do this, why to me? " Socrates jus smile and asked "What were you thinking when you were under water ? What was running on your head ??" The boy replied "All I wanted is Air, Desparately" Socrates Smiled & said "That's how you can succeed in life, with all your thoughts and Focus on what your heart desires, what your head fights for !! Breathe you passion & you shall sure succeed !! "

What a Wonderful message, Isn't it. Its the Passion that counts !! And to add icing on the cake, another small story about someone who just found a reason to be comfortable, to be kept under the currents of life.

There was a person, who always had a reason, when he didn't excel as a child he said, I'll be better & happy as a boy & when he became a boy he said himself I'd be better & happy Once I complete my college, & when he completed his college, he said I'd be happy Once I get a Job & Once he got a Job, he said himself I'll be happy Once I get Married. That didn't stop there, Once he got married, he thought Kids would make him happy, but after having Kids he thought Only when they pass outta School he'll be happy & as they did, he said to himself I'll be happy when I retire & One fine day he Retired, & he Looked back to see that he has not Lived a single Day because he din Live his Life his Way. He was a spectator of life & expected Life to turn better, which never happened indeed !

It all flashed in my mind like a lightening in the dark September Sky !!

So, Now I had a Problem, and I almost have a Solution, too !

First , Find what your heart pounds on, What your soul loved to do !!

Second, Once found, & you know it for sure, I don say flip things & start chasing it right away !! No, thats not possible in all cases, All I say is make time to work on your passion.

I din say find time, you have to make time !! You always excel in things where you have your heart right there with you and as its well said "When you love your work, you don't work for one single day". Start practicing it in weekends, your free times, and start exposing yourself to possibilities, Never, Ever Limit your Life, Human Mind it Limitless !! Keep Working on it and remember its better late than never,.

" Believe me, One day you'd sure Create an Undefiable Empire & You'll be Ruling it !! "

p.s : A Lengthy blog, thanks for reading, and yes, As you finish I would be honoured if you close your eyes and ask yourself if you Love what you're doing. All the very best for a New Empire of yours, Soon !!