Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love surpasses Everything !!

He is my Childhood friend, we sit in adjacent seats right from KG and ve done all mysterious stuff together. Not all would be lucky to have a friend with whom you've played when you were 6 months old. I'm blessed with one such friend. We share everything. (Not a single day I have left his lunch for him ;) ) We grew, and we got into 10th class, we were not the brainy heads of the class and so we were made to sit late in the evening to Study (Hate that). Thou we managed to chit-chat bypassing the attention of the supervisors.

One day we were caught by the Principal. She made a 12th girl to sit amidst us. I thought that could not stop us from talking, but to my astonishment, things changed, My dear friend started ogling with the 12th girl, he just dint talk, what he did was Talk-k-k-k-k-k-k-ing ! I didn't have any other go, so expertized “One eyed Nap” without getting caught. Days rolled by, Their bonding got better, Eves-dropping was boring too, coz they spoke about all worthless things in this world ;) ;) . Finally it was end of the year and She passed out of the School. We, got into 11th Class. With all the threats bombs, we pretended to work hard. These 2 years he never happened to talk about her, so I presumed they've lost contact. Finally we completed 12th and I was forced into Engineering and he was pushed into B.Sc. Do I need to say, we just met in weekends and we shared all college stuffs, but he never uttered a word about the girl.
One day when we were in the second year, I was returning home late, I got a sight which I couldn't believe. My dear friend with a girl in his Dad's bike. All I had to do was smile wide. (Kalavani payalae) I never saw the girls face, but the voice inside me clearly said its her. Went home refreshed myself and started to his home, where I saw an innocent guy watching TV. Took him upstairs and Wrestled him and asked

Me: Boss, Whats happening, Whoz the one in your pillion this eve, You finally got caught huh!

Him: Me huh, Dey I was watching TV since I came from college.

Me : (Again Wrestled and posed him for Rock bottom)

Him: Wait ! Wait !! Lemme tell you !!

Me : (Releasing him from my clutch) You could have done this earlier !! fine temme wats goin on!

Him: Blush Blush,

Me: Speak out now, or you'll be killed.

Him: Dai, you know her.

Me: I know, buy you are saying it now ;)

Him: Yes da, its her, who sits amidst us, you remember??

Me: Yes sir, I do (All Smiles) You kept it off the shelves all these days huh..Anyways good.
But Shez 2 years elder to you, Did you give a thought about it?

Him: Neva mind, I love her for what she is, and just these two year difference would never stop things.

ME: Cool that you're strong about it...., Seri Seri Treeeeaaaaaattt !!

So things went that way and I really felt happy for him for I knew the girl is real worth for the chase, Yeh you could easily find the dedication in a person's eyes. But one thing kept eating my mind, He is younger than her, will their parents agree, Is he really serious or is he wearing the rose glass? . But All I wanted is his happiness and wish he gets married to her, but with a sense of uncertainty in heart.

Days n years rolled off. Now he has completed his B.SC and MBA too and got a job in an MNC. She works as a lecturer in a college. Right time to take it to the parents. They both were convinced on this and they took it forward. I was sure about one thing, his parents would agree as a matter of fact their marriage was a love marriage. As I suspected, it went, O'ly his mom showed a concern on the age factor initially but things went smooth with his dad's stolid support.

Here came the twist, They opened the issue in her home, We looked at the problem in just one dimension, age factor, but here grossed another dimension. She is a brahmin and he is not. It bombed to be the biggest problem now. They even abused him on this, but just for the sake of her, he (Mr.Short temper) tolerated everything. It took a year to convince her parents and both of them stood in their stans. One fine day they agreed to get them married. He is 23 and she is 25, they were not sure if this is the right time to get married, but just one thing conquered their mind, they just cant live without each other. .

So the wedding bells are here, Again as they progressed towards the wedding, the parents had those verbal wars, his father is an atheist and her father is religious. They had conflicts of opinions, but these two handled it in the best way possible without hurting their parents. They never showed their blues to others. I've read in novels and seen in movies, Body of two and soul of One, but when I saw all these things happen, I really felt lucky to witness it.

Finally it was this Sunday , the day of happiness, the day of rituals , the day of smiles, and the day of their dreams. They got married after a 6 years commitment, I felt deep in my heart that the two should have the best of lives for they stood across all the tougher times together passing the testaments of life.

To Fall in Love happens to everyone,
To find the soul mate happens to few, but
To stand for them,no matter what, happens just with very few !!

I'm proud that my friend is one among the very few!

This post is dedicated specially to My Dear Friend and to all those who value True Love !

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lies n Life !!

Lies n Life go hand in hand, isn't it ??

Yuh not a single day passes by without a lie unfolded!

But yes most of them are white lies, that would hardly have an influence , just that we are used to it!

Now here, I'm gonna jot down my familiar white lies ::

Time Stamp :: 1992 (5 yrs Old)

* "Mommy, I think sis poured water on the bed" : As a kid, Wake up 7 in the morning, see that your bed is wet, call yo mom n say that sis has poured water on the bed. yes that was the silliest.

Time Stamp :: May' 1993 (6 yrs old)

* "No Mommy, its not me, its her" : A fight with the next door girl, pushing her down on her knees. She is injured, she cries running inside, mom catches red handed and you say no mommy its she who pushed me, I just moved away but she fell down :( :(

Time Stamp :: June' 1994 (7 yrs Old)

* "I did my homework miss, but missed my notebook at home" : Months after school has reopened, the most annoying thing is to do home work, which demands such creative excuses like having notebook in the bag n sayin that you did your home work but forgot to bring the note book.

Time Stamp :: 1996 (9 yrs old)

* " Nope dad, they din issue the Rank Card yet" : How could you show you ranked 30 in a class of 32 ;) and yes when your dad's sign is not that tough, self help works out to be the best help and finally one random day dad asks "Chotu, werz yo rank card". The answer is, u know wat!! :)

Time Stamp :: 1998 (11 yrs old)

* "You know wat, My dad has a Big/Costly/Rare Something" : Yes this is the age where the child turns into boy and starts thinking in terms of money. he falsify n brags about something which isn't true in realty. My one was "You know wat, My dad has gotta Rolls Royce, jus that our roads are small he neva brings it to home ;) "

Time Stamp :: 2000 (13 yrs old)

* "Mom, I lost 10 rupees" : She sends you to buy something from the nearby shop. She gives you 100 bucks and you buy things for 80 bucks. You slip in 10 bucks in yo pant n say that you've lost it. Yes you can buy candies to the girl who sits next to you in the class tomorrow.

Time Stamp :: 2002 (15 yrs old)

* "I feel Nostalgic" : 10th standard and you're literally screwed with those hectic schedules n extended study hours. Jus have a long face n say "I feel nostalgic, I'm afraid I'll go sick" At times it works, you're sent to home and at times you're busted too ;P

Time Stamp :: 2003 (16 yrs old)

* "I jus can't stay at home, I need to see ya every single day" :: Oh yuh, the teenage, best of life time, loads to remember, everything is seen through a rosy glass !! Butterflies, chinese bells, first crush and the typical dialogue. "Not jus a day could pass by without seeing you" . lolz !!

Time Stamp :: 2004 (17 yrs Old)

* " Sure sure, I'll become a doctor" :: Relatives, family friends neighbours for everyone you are the center of attraction. You know its pretty hard to even clear the chemistry exam with those Organic Chemistry and periodic tables. but when someone asks. the answer is spontaneous!! ;P

Time Stamp :: 2005 (18 yrs old)

* "Jus a guys o'ly trip mommy" :: First time you feel comfortable talkin to gals in a friendly way, no teasing as in school, yes college is betta at least. So days roll on and your gang makes a trip. your mom won't even ask but you bump out saying "Mom we are moving on a trip next month, but its jus a boys-O'ly trip mom", Mom Smirks ;)

Time Stamp :: 2006 (19 yrs old)

* "Lab fee/ development fee/ hostel day fee Mom" : Its your friends b'day but you're left out with an old 50 bucks note in your worn out jean ;) Mom tomo is the last day to pay _____ fees ( blank is decided n filled on the moment of the talk). Mom wonders how many hostel day happens in one year!!

Time Stamp :: 2008 (21 yrs old)

* "Hey where are those two, did ya miss it somewhere or wat ??" : yeah the time where you overwhelm wit romance. you make her blush sayin "hey , wer are those two, did yo miss it somewhere" her eyes pops wondering wat you mean n you finish sayin "hey I meant your wings Angel!! " wink wink, blush blush !!

Time Stamp :: 2009 (22yrs)

* "Boss, you really inspire me" : Tryin to impress yo boss, you utter the fake statement. "Boss you really inspire me !!" Man he shud have heard the same lie from dozen ppl. (BGM: Enna vechu comedy keemedy pannalayae: Vadivelu style ;) )

Time Stamp :: 2010 (23 yrs)

* "I've forgotten n I've forgiven" - Neither of those can happen !! ;)

and now the lie I would love to say on Time Stamp 2020 (33 yrs old)

* "Listen, Money Ain't the most important thing in this world, there are a lot more things in this World that money can't buy" : Wish to say this on "Youngest billionaire's interview" on BBC by 2020.

P.s : You know what, I've lied in this post too!! don mind, yuh just a white lie ;)

Lolz..and now Its you, your turn to comment your favorite/memorable/daring lie you've uttered in your life!!

HappY Reading !!