Friday, October 15, 2010

The Dog's way !!

Hope you are doing flamboant as ever !! Here I'm back with a blog :)

Chromepet to Siruseri(Ma Office) is a pretty long travel routine everyday. Perhaphs people  read books, listen to music, do 'bird watching' or the more earthy fellas take a nap ;) I do almost everything outta the list there and additionally one thing I do is making new friends, which I always find really interesting. A simple way to know new thing is to know new people :)

Recently I've got a bus mate who just returned from Florida after a long tenure onsite assignment. We had something in common, coming really late to the bus stand and so in-turn became friends easily :P . He gets excited seeing things, the place that were outskirts then are  hot-spots now..!! We discuss about everything. One day as we were discussing his life there he came up with something which was really funny ?? nah,  interesting?? naah , u gotta say it...

As they say , Onsite is like walking in a shoe of  golden nails. You'll be screwed, but where not. Its all about the way how you take it. So they had a team there who were working for the US Clients in the client office. Life goes well there, they had real good Clients there, they spend time together, sharing food, culture and they were simply good to move with. 

It was a Monday, my friend has gone to office to find  his Clientile head Jonna not available. He checked the mail where-in he has received a cc of the mail that Jonna had sent to her boss.

Hey Bob,

Timmy  is delivering baby in couple of days, So I need to look after her.

Will see you next week.



A week passed on and Jonna,  got back to office, my friend after a chit chat has asked her casually like how did things go and then he has asked like whoz Timmy and how is she now post-delivery. Jonna  replied and my friend has gone awe-struck !! Wanna know what Jonna said. Its here " Hey yeah man., Am So happy about it. Timmy is doing great now, She had delivered a fairy white pup. Its cuter than the cutest creation of God   !! You gotta Come home to see her if u have time, you'll relish too seeing her ! " 

My friend has asked  "So Timmy is you pet dog ? and you took a weeks leave for her delivery? "

The Client has replied "Yeah, Of course"

He has smiled at her and got back to work. Later that week, the Friday, One of the team mates of my friend whoz basically from banglore has called him and informed that his wife is getting admitted in the hospital, the doctor has scheduled the delivery for 11'o clock in the morning. My friend has informed the same to their reporting boss whoz another chennai guy. He has nodded an yes.  My friend has got to the Arabian delight restaurant on the other adjacent street to have his lunch and got back to office at 2. There he saw his friend who just called up in the morning. My friend has wondered like "Man, you said your wife is delivering and you're here now ?? "

"Yes dude, boss called up @ 12, asked me if everything is fine,  I said its a boy baby , he said Excellent and in a spur of the moment he asked me to get back to office asap as they've encountered a critical bug and that needs to be resolved by EOD, I started sayin something, he immediately said, I understand your situation but I just call you now for I din have any other go"and so I'm here...

My friend has Sighed hearing this !!

As he told this...I started laughing aloud forgetting people around me are watching!!

But ain't that funny ?? I don mean to say They slave us, Jus that chasing money we forget to relish the best moments of life..Isn't that true, A Man's most memorable instance definitely include the one when he becomes a father, the moment when he has given life to a cute little kid, Isn't it a moment to celebrate..Not that nobody does it..But yes, these are moments which are common but yet rare !!

So Lets not forget

" At the end of the day, its all these tiny moments that count !! 

Neva miss them !!  "