Friday, February 19, 2010

A Night @ Airport !

I could sacrifice anything in life but not sleep. but sometimes situation demands and you gotta be all set to go with it ;-)

I had to hand over a parcel (Muruku, Oorgah, Chilli powder, n few more stuffs) to a person whoz flying to UK so that he'll hand over them to my Sis ! The foodie ;) lolz..

I spoke to him in that eve and he asked me to be at Airport by 2p.m (awww.!) that was my reaction ;) Anywayz I prefer reaching the place before time. SO I managed to push myself from ma bed and get ready by 1. Mom opened the door for me, man it was damn cold (Do I need to say, it was Jan) My bull was ready for the ride. I drove it along the GST towards Airport. Heavenly as if the govt laid the road for me, I was the o'ly person ridin. Finally reaching Airport made me to doubt if I'm into some other part of world. A days buzy activities goin on , ppl rushing across the lanes so on n so forth. I parked my bike n carried the parcel walking towards the International departure zone.

Checking the LED Board, I was hibernated seein the notification that the take off is postponed by one hour.I called that person who indeed said that he is aware of it and a sorry for not letting me know about this in advance. I was pissed, but jus said "No Issues dude" from the tip of tongue. So I've got another One and a half hour to spend there. I bought a coffee @ the cafe stall there and started walking along the lanes. Couple of minutes later my foot was kinda agonized. So I jus found a spot to park my ass. I started surveying watz happening around me. I was Astonished !

I jus did that to kill time, but It was different game at the end.

A Car came and halted in front of the barricade there, A couple got down from it, The driver exhausted the luggage from car's dickie n loaded 'em in the trolley. The couple moved near the depature lane, It was like the guy is leaving , the gal stays, they looked like newly wed. The girl was gettin emotionally week, she almost had tears, The guy saw her brimming and cupped her face with his palm and rubbed of the tears which hadn't come yet. I expected them to speak out, but nothing they spoke except for the eyes that spoke (filmic, but true). She hold his hands as if asking him not to part her for a second, he clasped her shoulders like saying I'll always be there for you. never came out a word in their conversation. He kissed her cheek.The tears rolled of her cheek as she blushes when he kissed. The guy turned back n started rolling the trolley n got into departure area.

It was so alluring to see people who really value relationship in this materialistic world, making me think the world still goes on with people like this !

As I emptied my coffee, a old person with a walking aid stick called me from behind and asked me "Boy, My Grands son is coming, he said his air plane will come at 1.30. Where can I find him !" I was stumbling, he should be in late 70's and his wife was there with him. I had no clue how he managed to reach Airport by this time. He looked like a person from village, So I helped him to reach the arrival spot, he was waiting for his Grand son,I reached back to my seat staring at the old man, moments later he started waving his hands with all his energy, there came his Grand son, came to him n hugged, I understood why he has traveled all this distance, A Hug can speak a million words. The guy seemed to be working in some low line job, may be to back the family needs. I saw the essence of true love in the granny's eyes as well in grand son's.

A Pregnant lady returning from abroad, she was all in tears seeing her mom in receiving end, her brother mocking her pot belly as she hugs her mom wit difficulty.

A gang of guys to send off one of thie friend whoz leavin the country to do his masters probably [ he looked pretty young to getta job ;)] They had the best times, neva bothered where they are, gave farewell bumps to their loving friend and much more.

All I had was a smile on my face which I wasn't able to stop, coz it was right from the heart.
There is lots to admire, lots to Love, The world is serenic and so lovable.
To Sob, is just an option which we take, forgetting the fact that we always have the better option, to Love, to Smile, to admire this beautiful world for all that it gives us.

It was a gr8 night, Dished out the parcel and returned home with big smile all the way.

The day was just awesome, learned to Love the life. agreeing the fact

"Life makes no mistake, So Jus Love it"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Apple Tree !!

There was an Apple tree, which by itself is a beauty icon, Do I need to say how good it'll look when the tree is full of red apples in a snowy floor.

One day a kid was playing under the shades of the apple tree, he was having the best time there.
He loved the apple tree and the apple tree loved the kid too !

The kid spent time with the apple tree regularly and enjoyed it too.

One day when the kid was playing under the apple tree, he started feeling hungry. he stared at the apple tree. The Apple tree smiled at the kid and asked him to nibble the apples. The kid was happy and he climbed on one of the branches and started snaking the apples. The kid was relished for the fact that the apple tree satisfied his hunger, and in turn the apple tree was even more happier for it made the kid happy by losing its apples.

Time flew off and the frequency of the kid spending time with the apple tree started dilating and diminishing. The kid is grown in to a boy. After a long time, he came across the apple tree. The apple tree was so happy to see him, though the boy din reciprocated the emotions. The Apple tree asked the boy to play around him. The boy giggled and said "Listen, I'm no more a kid to play with you !! " and in some time apple tree realized that the boy was not happy. The apple tree asked the reason to the boy. The boy said "I'm a teen now, I need money to spend, but I don have enough to spend !" with a sobbing voice. The Apple tree felt really bad for him, In a couple of moments the apple tree said " My Boy, Don worry, I'm there, you can take all the apples from me, sell it and keep the money for you." The boy was so happy and did the same.

Again the boy din turn up. After a long time he came across the apple tree, no more a boy but a man instead. Apple tree was so happy to see him that way, but the man was feeling discontented. The apple tree asked "Wats Wrong My dear ?? " The man said "Listen, how would you solve my problem !! I have a family now but I don have a house to stay. " The apple tree knowing it would be hurt, neva mind said " Hey Dear, why do you worry, you can chop off my branches and make a good wooden house ! So carry on" , The man gave a smile exhibiting his happiness. He chopped almost all the branches to make a house. He disappeared and din turn up.

After a long time, he came back to the tree, now with grey hairs and a thick spectacle, he is now retired. He came to the tree and said I'm exhausted with my life, I wanna revamp myself in an island, but I don have money to make a boat. The apple tree, always comes up with a way to help him, now said, "Hey Dear, I live for you, you can take my Central Bark and cast a boat. The man was so happy, he drilled the bark till the base and with that he made a boat to spend time in a nearby island.

Never turned up did that man. It was a decade. One fine day he came back with a even bigger spectacle and a bent back. He came to the apple tree and said "I've grown old and I'm feeling tired" The apple tree left out with nothing jus had its root base said "My Dear, I just have my root base wit me, I have nothing to give you, but you can sit over me, I can bear you until you feel better, you can sit for ever, I live to make you feel better. Love yo !"

So here it goes !! Kiddish ??

So Anyways, DO you have this apple tree with you ??

Nope ??

you're wrong , you do have, Every one of us do have.

Apple tree is nothing other than our Lovable MuM !

They live their life jus to make our lives better.

Lets take this day to say "Luv yo MuM".

Its not jus about Mum, It may be anyone, who loves you, who cares for you, who brings a smile on your face when you are feeling down.

Let us thank the Almighty for gifting us with people who can make our living worthwhile, who stay with us in the best and worst of times, in fact who make us feel "Everything will be alright" when you are travelling across the rough patches of life..

Lets not forget this, I know I'm repeating, but still...
"Things are meant to be used, 'n People are meant to be Loved " but I'm afraid if its like
"Things are meant to be loved , 'n people are meant to be used" these days !

Lets not forget that nothing matches emotions 'n feelings straight from heart and always do remember not to let your brain play the role where heart has to do !

Lets vow that we would respect emotions over materials, for materials are nothing more than a mirage !!

Happy Valentine's Day aLL !!
Thanks for being in my life 'n making it really wonderful!!
Love yo ALL a lot !!