Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Still Love her !!

"I'll be your friend till the skies fall ova earth..." she said when ever I look at her now !

She became a part of my life, it was July 12, 2006...I know her long back but I fell for her when I was about to complete my 3rd year B.Tech to be precise in my sister's wedding...Once she came into my life, she made me feel like I jus can't survive a moment without her...Very rarely she hasn't been wit me ever since..Shez easily the one I've heard the most and shez the one to whom I've spoken the most...I doubt If I wud hav spoken so much wit ma mum !!

She is so reliable., I've always loved her for that cause..,Shez the one who stands by my side in the best and worst of worse.., She can listen to all my crap.., She has seen me laugh aloud., cribbing., she has seen me in the blues...she has seen me weeping what not., She is the one who entertains me when I'm bugged., She has gotta not so good tone., but she neva hesitates to sing for me..I had a lot more reasons for why I loved her so much..

She was the one who was there in the hospital wit me all through the day and made sure ma mum and friends are informed about it when I met wit an accident...I jus love to have her next to me all the time..She always gives all her time for me but neva said she is tired..she was so dedicated that nothing in this world was important for her other than me...

I have to admit it here..,I've hurt her lot many times.,I've always taken her for granted but she has never let me down..Once in a while, albeit very rarely she gave me the cold shoulder...she wont let me talk , sometimes she wont talk to me back...I dunno what was wrong all on a sudden., her acts were totally different., I've neva seen her reacting so, since I knew her...She did not respond to any of my actions properly, neither she listened to me, nor she talked back...I believed she wud change in due course of time...I tried my best to fix her up...but all my efforts gone void...I didn't know what exactly to do..days rolled by., I wasn't able to see a bit of improvement from her side nor she revealed the reason...

Everything has limits., so does my patience..I gave ma last attmpt and nothin seemed to work out..Its time for me to decide up., It's time for me to give up my first sensation..I was afraid to loose her., but still I jus can't go up with her...I know she would neither survive too long, nor will be with me forever...I decided not to be commited to her anymore...I knew I had better options than her..Of course I'm a human being and Itz my attribute to be selfish and think about MY future....Move on..thatz the only thing I had in my mind.. and I moved on...Now shez no more in my life other that memories...She is none other than ma sweet Nokia 3310..but still I live with a much better N95 now... Life goes on... !!