Friday, August 6, 2010

Go, Kill the bLack Wolf !

Hoping you all are extremely good..and now here I'm back with a post after a break..

OK now, people from PFA 'n Blue cross, don start dialing your phone to put the cuffs on ma wrist for the tag "Go, Kill the bLack Wolf !"   ;-) lolz. yeah. This is not  slaying in reality, but yuh slaying within. Slaughtering the Black wolf within!

I would like to share a small incident that happened 2 days back. I've been to my family friend's home. He owns a Hardware store. Its been sometime since I met him and so went there to spend some time with him. There I was blessed to see his cute Kid who welcomed me with an shrewd smile. He seemed to be too effervescent for his age, he should be not more than  4 or 5. Not a moment he stayed still. A dozen questions, " Uncle whats your name, why are you here, do you like pokeman? you din have school today? " and loads loads more. I was smiling while answering his little cute questions. It was raining outside. As I was admiring  the kid, my friend showed up and  welcomed me . We started to chat on the missed out past. The kid disappeared all of a sudden as I was conversing with his dad. Moments later he jumped out of the stairs from the terrace, he has got drenched in the rain, he started running inside the home making the Italian white marble turn choco fudge with his little muddy foot, but still it was cute, but may be not to his mom ;) She became tempered seeing this, she dragged the kid in to the kitchen and all I heard is a smashing  spank. The kid came out chin down, holding his back and murmuring "I hate you, I hattte you! ". His sparkling eyes were filled with tears ready to flow out. He slowly walked out again and now he wasn't dare enough to go upstairs, but he moved to the hall below the house  which my friend used as a go-down. Me and my friend saw this and shared a smile. We resumed our talk and in a while his wife bought coffee for us, We started sipping it as we discussed family, business, jobs and last but not the least politics. 

Few minutes later, the kiddu came back running fast, hustling back yelling "Mommy, mommy.." in a trembling voice and hugged his mom from behind, we were able to sense of panic in his face. His mom embraced the kid inquiring whats wrong. He whispered "Mommy, there is a bad guy in the hidden in the Go-down, he shouted he hates me, Mommy who is he?? " .  We were puzzled and went down with the kid to unveil whoz In. We three were standing besides the kid who turned at us and pointed his fingers to one corner where the asbestos sheets were mounted and said "He is somewhere there mommy !! " ,His mom took him in his arms and asked, "How did you know that baby, did u see him ?" the kid replied "No Mom, but I heard him, he said he hates me" As we shared a baffled look, now the kid shouted "I hate you, I hattte you !! " facing the darker closed side of the room where in one corner those sheets were mounted. In a  moment the kids voice echoed back " I hate you, I hattte you !!"  and kid looked at his moms eyes and said , "See mommy, he is still there" brimming innocence.  Myself and the kids dad couldn't control and we broke in to laughter..! How silly kids can be  was the thought that conquered my mind. But his mom never laughed at it, she  contemplated and  a moment later She holded the kid and said" Listen baby, he is not a bad boy, he is a good boy much like you. If you love him, he'll love you too.He will be  your friend if you want him to be." The kid gave a suspicious look, but still trusting his mom more than anything in the world, now he turned back to the dark wall and yelled "I Love you, I'm your friend" . In no moment the kid heard back "I Love you, I'm your friend" The kid was so excited hearing that, he started bouncing to his mom, his mom again took her in her arms and said, listen baby, If you hate others, they'll hate you. If you love others they'll love you too, so whats my baby gonna do, he's gonna........ !" The kid reflexed saying  " gonna love others mommy !! " witha smile brighter than Sirius !

As we started walking upstairs, I started thinking how a little thought sown in a mind can actually grow as the so called tree, the character of a person ! The kid wouldn't have understood the physics behind it, how it echoes , or wateva but how well his mom thought him a beautiful lesson in a moment !

Not just for the kid, its for everyone !! and its as simple as that !!
" You get what you give,
                 give love and you'll get the same back"

Learn to Love, unconditionally for life is just a mirror. Its love or hatred you show, it'll show back the same  !!

Its not just about how we treat others, but most of the time how we treat ourselves !!
We mount up assumption like " I can't do that because I'm not born rich...., I'm not intelligent...., I'm not lucky...., I'm not an extrovert...., I don have the right stars now...., I'm not attractive and a loads more "  

Its all a lump sum of pit falls that we dig for ourselves. Never ever limit the possibilities.

Like it goes  "Physics says a bumble bee can neva fly because  aerodynamically its body shape  is so, but you know what, a bumble bee flies, because it neither knows physics nor its limits"

Every time the black wolf within us gets aroused, the wolf of ill thoughts, the wolf of limitations just kill it, kill it with the mightiest weapon called confidence !!

Win yourself with Confidence
Win others with Love !!