Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Old Man in my Street Corner !

"The Greatest of Pleasures often lies in the smallest of deeds"

I've often been reminded of this line from Paulo, wheneva I sit in my veranda to sip my cup of coffee.

Its true that we love these small things a lot but we often despise paying attention to it.

Its just another day on my veranda sipping my coffee, Its West facing and so sitting there is pampering while the sun sets.

One such day, I ought to find an Old man. He seemed to be bearing a humble ragged figure , in late 50's.
He may not have been very old, but he had been badly treated by life and time.He used crutches, because one of his legs was withered. What really impressed me, though, was that even with the crutches he managed to carry an old classical Harmonium (Sort of a small Piano)

He sat down in the street corner, which is normally a buzy lane. He stretched sitting and set his instrument. No one in the road ever bothered to pay attention to him, He observed the hustling atmosphere for a moment, stared the Quill in the electric line above, smiled, and in few moment he started to sing.

As soon as I heard his voice singing, I started to shake all over, It was like the voice of an Angel, So serene and blessed, yet sad!

Not just me, his voice penetrated every soul around there Little by little it filled the whole atmosphere, echoing around, involving and elevating !

I could see chindren stop playing and start staring him, a sense of mesmerism spread across in the air.

A hefty lady who was in her evening walk by the road intending to reduce weight was stuck by the song,

A Door delivery boy amidst the heavy weight on his bi-cycle stood stunned listening to the soul-penetrating song.

The Old mans face bore a serenity of charm amidst the dark spotted skin, wrinkled forehead and shredded grey hair.

I realized that every single person over there were experiencing a moment of ephimeral eternity, a communion with other souls as if by magic . We had been called to another dimension, to a more beautiful universe where perhaps everything made sense... or perhaps not!

His voice shattered the barriers and made all of us One ! It was truly mystical !

Now the hustle-bustle of the street was freezed, freezed because of his song, I could feel the blooming freshness in every face as if they have soaked their soul in spirituality, as if its the day they were born!

Few moments later, making it more sustaining at heart, his voice grew quiet and a silence remained that had an almost oppressive taste of emptiness. But then, hands clapped effusively, smiles lit up every face and the children roared out enthusiastically for an encore.

The old man never reacted except for a divinely smile he bore, he gathered his crutches and folded back his instrument and started to walk as if his mission is completed.

The spur of the moment, I back led my coffee, ran out and only rested when I caught up to him, all out of breath.

I excavated my tracks pocket to pullout the little money I had and squzeed it in his hands, but neither it brought a difference in the way he reacted. He was set to proceed!

He was about to turn back and thats where I holded his shoulders and hugged him an appreciation. I felt something beyond humane in him. I concluded my embrace asking him never to stop singing! His wrinkled face grew soft and his eyes shrink as he smiled at me.

I never saw him again, but I would like to believe that he is walking down other paths, weeping his fado songs, making people smile from the soul, fulfilling his mission.

If he happens to stop by near you, please tell him that I have not forgotten him.

P.S : There is lot to admire is this big world,
Embrace every moment, Acknowledge it with Love,
You don't need anything Worth a million to make others happy.
More often Love and care, straight from heart is worth a Million Dollar!

" Keep Smiling and make People Smile with pristine love "

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Power of " One Rupee! "

It happens just in movies that a 1 Rupee coin could turn a pauper to billionaire! ;)
Sure this post is not one such story ;)

Last evening when I dropped my jean for a wash I found a one rupee coin running out of the ticket pocket as I threw the jean. Reflexively I chased the one rupee coin that ran to the veranda and then to the porch and finally I grabbed near the gate with a smile!

Getting in, I stared at the coin, I was reminded of the moments that I use to bug my mom for 1 rupee every evening when I come back from school, when I was in 2nd or 3rd class. It was a big deal by then, but now, I jus smirked., Seated back comfortably in my couch I started thinking of what all a one rupee coin could do now!

Now here is the list

1.) An Phone call in urgency when your mobile doesn't work !

2.) A match box to ignite the b'day candles (yeah, I'm a kiddu, cigar, now watz dat! )

3.) Weighing in Railway Station swearing to reduce it!

4) Water packet on a sunny day.

5) Band aid

6) A4 Sheets

7) Coconut scrap on road side shop

8) Soan papdi in beach

9) Marbles to play

10) Butter biscuit in tea shop

11) Safety Pin

12) To make a toss in Cricket Match

13) To draw a circle in biology exam ;)

14) To but a Shampoo Sachet (Now don ask for what! :-/ )

15) To fill the air in bicycle tubes!

16) To buy a Pickle Packet ;) ;P

17) Used Pepsi Can

18) 1 Rupee Pepse ;P (The mobile ice cream boy brings it)

19) Rangoli/holi color powder.

20) Aspirin ??

21) Mosquito coil (Just one )

22) Kaaja Beedi (Loose beedi's)

23) 1 Rupee Coffee powder sachet

24) To Offer it to a beggar on road side.

25) Jus that One rupee could make a person with 999,999,999 a billionaire!!

Oops !! Running out of points! So now , you gotta back this up!
What it means for you, A One Rupee coin !!

Monday, June 7, 2010

wHen diSruPti0n meAnz bLiSS !! ;)

" Phew..Not my cup of tea " the very famous dialog that I chant within very often wheneva I think of my Job. Being a typical piscean, I jus hate monotonous life. But am sure, u need not be a piscean to feel this, everyone does, but the fact is we become used to it.

Monday to Friday workaholic-ally work !! You hardly give a glimpse at your mum' face too, you just yell for the coffee when you start, and when you get back, you feel mentally exhausted and fall in your bed. Weekends get drowned!

Not thats the extremity of robotism !! Lets break it, lets break this way ??

* Wake up an hour earLy :
Try waking up a hour before, just take a walk breathing the foggy early morning breeze. Try listening to the chirping birds, or jus go to the terrace with your coffee mug to witness the blush yellow sun rising up the silver sky. yes, just this could turn your on!!

* Try a new route :
If you commute to office on your own, try taking a new road which sounds uncertain for you. It would give you the feel of Robert Frost's lines ;P . Jus have the direction in mind, east or west or wateva, jus traverse with that in mind.

* Talk to a Stranger:
Since I were a kid, My mom should have said that a million times not to talk to any stranger, but what would happen if you did? Lots, actually. Join a community or an association. Meet new people. Talk about new topics. Enrolling in an environment club might kindle a passion for gardening, a passion you never knew you had.

* Get set, Go !!
Skim through the newspaper and find out various competitions taking place in your city. Participate in any one that you can relate to. An essay competition can be your chance to vent out your feelings about an issue close to your heart. Go out and have fun because you will be the only person who knows that winning, here, is not everything.

* A new Cuisine !!
Take your friend with you, try a new chain of restaurants which flaunts its new Thai Cuisine for the Half back rice flavored TsuKi Fish! Tastes good or not, who bothers, It ll definitely be a food that you'll remember, that shall bring a smile/smirk on your face ;)

* Play a Music Instrument :
Don't learn, Just start exploring a music instrument, you'll start composing the fusion on classical 'n Guzzle ;) It'll really sounds good (At least for you)
*Make sure there is no heart patients around! ;P

* Wear ur Shirt Inside-out!
Let them get freaked, when they say your shirt is so, never say a word, just smile as if they are lunatics ;) (*COnditions Apply: Not to Office)

* Write from the end of the page:
Let it be a team meet or a session, Everyone takes notes, you start it from the bottom of the page and come up line by line, if someone asks you just spindle a yarn @ the moment (Ex: Einstein has said you remember things better when you write this way) ;P

* Ask for White Petrol :
Go to the Gas Station to fuel your vehicle, say him that you have modified your bike with Boeing Engine and so demand him for white petrol !! ;) ;P

* Spend in Dollars :
Get your bucks converted in to dollars, Say you've jus returned from US and offer those $$$ in Bus, Canteen and yeh wereva !! ;)

* Short Term Memory Loss:
When you cross your friend in the office or somewhere else, see him and walk forward as if he is a stranger. When he puts his hands on you act as if you haven't seen him in your life ( Betta be careful , don last this for a long time, he is ur friend, and wud neva bother breaking your nose for this) ;P

* Gift your friend:
Gift your friend an Empty box, or if you want things to be more interesting, go for a mice, lizard or Snake ??? ;)

* IVR Voice out :
When a friend calls you, repeat saying "The number you are trying to reach is currently busy" in an odd voice. Till he gets pissed, and then call him back ;)

* Don't pay :
Have food in a local hotel, walk off when he gives the bill, when he follows you, try to act as if you don understand his language. (Again risky, so don prolong the act ;) )

* Buy Tickets to New Jersey:
Go to the the Local railway station and ask for 2 Tickets to New Jersey ! If he yells, say I'm sorry New Perungalathur, Its New Perungalathur that I meant :) :)

* Cook :
Something which I love, When you find time, and find something on your kitchen, start the sport. Collage, thats what you gotta do, try n add everything thats edible under ur viscinity and finally even if it doesn't smell good. Have a big smile n saw, "Wow, Its Awesome"

SO Try it !! And yeah do me know if you have better ideas to make people yell
" What the heLLL "

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you the youngest @ Home ??

As I was hunting topic to blog on, I came across a post from a very close friend of mine !
It seemed to be pretty perfect for me to contradict him, SO here it goes !!

Now teaming up with All the youngest child in the family, here we put up stuffs that turns our thumbs up n down !!

Perks :

* You are Pampered, really, be it the last cookie or the diwali dress or Window Seat, its you who gets the priority.

* You've got your elder brother/Sister to draw the diagrams in the Record book. (Buy yeah, you gotta plead them :P )

* You're always forgiven by parents stating that you're so young to know/do/say that!

* When you complain on your bro/sis , you're always believed for the fact you are younger and you won lie!

* You have your bro/sis to borrow a penny when your pockets are emptied.

* Be it a fight with Next bencher in Junior School or Contro-Gang fella in Senior School, you can threaten them with the name of your bro (You bro might be the most reserved guy, but who cares ;) )


* You are the stress buster for your elder bro/sis. He can storm you wheneva he/she feels like.

* You are destined to follow the footsteps of your elder bro/sis. They act like Godfathers ;)

* You're compared with them by your parents on academics/socio behavior and loads on!

* If you're a girl, you just cant talk to a guy casually, the bodyguard ll always be there, the big brother ;P

* Independance, now watz that?

Post in ur experience as the youngest one in the family or If you're eldest, just jump in here