Tuesday, April 20, 2010

30 Things Money can't Buy !!

As I was reading my favorite site of one liners, I happened to read one, which captured my interest. It goes like this..

"You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy."
I started stewing on it..and thy this post is here !
Now here are few things I personally fell that money can't buy..

1. The First Kiss : – The sweet rush of butterflies in your tummy when you kiss someone special for the very first time.

2.Beginner’s Eyes : -You can neva see it again, the first time you learn riding a cycle, the first time you tried copying, the first time you spoke to a stranger, first time in stage, the first time is actually the last time, you never get it back.

3. Hearing your favorite song : It gives a momentary pleasure, while stuck is hella traffic, you are agonized and all of a sudden you hear your favorite song and a smile blooms in your face.

4. Accidentally Meeting Childhood friend: If you happen to meet a childhood friend of yours whom you never met for more than a decade and you recognize the very moment he voices out.

5. 100 bucks note in an old jean: During adversity(month end ;P), you happen to find a 100 bucks note from your damn old jean, the smile it brings in your face.

6. The first Rainfall:- After a scorching summer, the first rain would bring an ecstacy in heart, feeling the smell of wet land and enjoying the pampering rain drops.

7. Clearing an Unprepared Exam: An exam you didn't prepare and you just appear, and miraculously you clear, you wonder how that happened with a wide smile.

8. Cuddling a New born: Do I need to say why??

9. Your First Earning: Money that no money can equate. yes It gives you tons n tons of pride, your first earning!

10. The extra minute in the bed: Alarm wakes up for yet another day and you snuggle in your bed for an extra minute hugging your pillow, true pleasure ;P

11. Sitting Around a Bonfire with Your Friends : Friends make your life special. Happiness, sorrow, fun, laugh, they are there with you.

12.Seeing Two Elderly Folks Who are Madly in Love – True Love that surpasses time is just a bliss to watch.

13. The last few drops of Coffee:- Mom's coffee is always special, and in specific the last few drops, the delightful drops.

14. A Moment of Eye Contact with an Attractive Stranger – You’ve never seen them before, and you may never see them again. But a moment was shared.

15. When you mean the World to Someone: Whe Someone loves you truly madly deeply It jus feels the best!

16. Unexpected B'day Wish:- 9 in the morning, you get a phone call from a friend of yours whom you lost contact couple of years back, jus to say "Happy B'day", it feels special!

17.Finding Something You Thought You’d Lost Forever – You searched for it for days and finally gave up. Now, six months later, it basically appears right in front of you.

18. People Who Make You Smile Just by Thinking of Them – Near or far
19. When you repair your machine yourself: It get stuck and you do it all by yourself, it feels like Einstein and Edison are small.

20. Reading Slam book: It just makes you smile. they are a bunch of memories.

21. Completing a book: ahhh ! Accomplishments are always great to feel! That too when its a good book!

22. Receiving a hand made gift: Yes all gifts are priceless, but when you received a handmade gift from your loved ones, its so personalizing. feels so special.

23. Getting back after a silly fight: Brother, friend, love whomsoever, you have a fight and don talk for day or two and finally you break the ice. Its actually a special moment.

24. Sunny day: You get back home after being screwed by the hot sun, your mom knew it before and has made a juice ready for you, wow its more love than a juice??

25. When Someone trusts you with their deepest Secrets: Being trust-able, when the people you know share their deepest secrets/problems with you, It feels noble.

26. When tears roll out laughing: When you enjoy a moment to the core, you laugh deep down from yo stomach that your tears roll off your cheek.

27. What goes around comes around: You don't chase but you know its yours. It comes back to you! That feels so promising!!

28. Instincts: You miss some one and in no moment they appear in front of you! Awww that happens !

29.When You Realize People Are Reading What You Write – Words can’t explain it. Thank you.

30. The Excitement of a New Comment on Your Blog – We love these. ;)

Can you think of anything else money can’t buy? Leave a comment letting know about it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Youngest Teacher !!

Yes, I guess, she is the youngest teacher I've had in my life, The very moment I think about her, her charming smile spreads across my mind 'n heart! There are days where I've walked miles just to have a glimpse at her. Fizzz...Ok lemme portray her in detail later..

Coming to the story, One day as usual, I went out on a deal which demanded a tiring 140 Kms ride on a sunny Sunday. After the day full of effort gone futile, I rested stretching myself being fatigue in the couch in ma aunt's place where I usually dine on Sundays. A sense of incompleteness was haunting me, I managed to stretch 'n relax my body but not my mind, it was grinding thoughts, it couldn't digest the efforts goin void.
I felt exhausted at heart,its not always easy to say "So what" when your efforts attain a translucent form ! I didn't give a word, I was jus pre-occupied with thoughts running jetfast in ma mind.

I usually rest in the couch that's in one of the corner of the big room. Angels Disguised, the two kids there, Dominant younger sister Sharon and the Submissive (So called ;) ) Sheryl. Yeah they are 15 months old and Sharon is younger by a minute I guess( twins yaar). For no reason, Sharon always has an affinity to me, no matter what,the moment I get in she would jus run to me and cling, the very touch I would forget all these materialistic rat races around me, but this day things being quite adversely disappointing, I wasn't able to cherish that moment. She came to me with all the eagerness in her eyes asking me to Sway her to the ceiling (The usual game which she enjoys and giggles) ,but she was disappointed that day and reluctantly walked back to her toy play staring back at me like a heartbroken teen ;-)

As she started playing, she caught a view of the crystal ball that was on the table that took the sunlight and gave out a spectrum of colorz, obvious that it would grab a kids attention. But the table was quite taller. She walked fast towards the table with her eyes on the crystal ball, Nothing bothered her at that moment, she stamped her sisters Barbie that was lying on her way, all set on Crystal ball. As she approached closer, she became faster, and in a moment her head struck the tall table and fell down.I bolted off my seat but before that her mom took her in her arms, and what was unconventional is she never cried, she was still staring at the crystal ball, her mom let her down, she was still for few moments till her mom got in..Now aware of what happened she came near the table, she stood couple of feet in front of it and started observing things around and suddenly stuck seeing something. I was intrigued seeing this, I knew she is busy planning something in her head, thou unsure of wats it !

Within a spur of moment she moved to the corner of the room close to the table and started pushing a tiny stool towards the table. She was successful in laying the stool next to the Table with supporting wall. I kept staring with a smile blooming in my face for she made me wonder "How do they know all this !!". She stared back at the kitchen entrance making sure her mom's not around and pursued her task. She tried climbing over the stool, but she never knew how to climb. She managed to put one of her leg in the stool, but she was losing balance as she took her second foot off the ground. She slipped while attempting first, Never give up. she managed not slipping second time, but again failed. "Shud I help her getting that Crystal ball??" that was the voice that echoed right at the moment, but really mystical, The answer was "No". I neither got off ma couch or missed a moment from staring her.

She tried pulling the table cloth and bring the Crystal ball near, but table had some heavy weighing stuff make this attempt a failure too. She now knew shortcuts are not gonna work out, she again started try climbing the stool with different angles and possibilities, finally after atleast exhaustive 15 attempts she got a hold on the table's top with another hand clamping the grill in the window aside and stepped on to the stool, She glimpsed me with a smile of pride, that bragged a million words ;). Now she knew the crystal ball is within reach, she rose high and leaped towards and plunged on it. She now very carefully got down the table, hugging her valuable possession with one hand and another hand on the window grill. She Got down, yes with her possession in hand and a wide smile with no teeth seen. I was astonished thou it was not a climb over the mount Everest, It was impulsive that I got off ma couch and took her in my arms and hugged an appreciation (thou she neva cared for she was busy examining her new possession) I let her enjoy her success. She tried out all possible experimentation with that.

I felt Rejuvenated, As Paulo says God send Omens through everything around you. How worthy a lesson it could be. We, when in the backslide, we presume it to be a final failure. We forget the other side is gonna be a slant slope! But the kid, neva bothered the slip offs, the fall downs, all it had in mind and eyes is The Crystal Ball and that's Why it is Crowned with Triumph.

The Crystal ball is much like our Goals and Destinations, The more focused we are towards the Ultimate Goal, the hindrances and failure will never bother us.

"What you focus, You attain thee !!"

If you focus problems, you would land up in problems, if you focus on your goals, you'd stamp all the problems and walk to your Goal.

Now, Ain't she the best Teacher I've ever had. She pumped me up will all the energy and enthusiasm.

"Don't pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs. !!"