Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Curtain is DOwn !!

2009 !! Happiness, Excitement, Sorrows, Love, Faith, Trust, Success, Downfall, Comebacks what not..A year with everything. Ultimately made us a better human being.

Its time to bid adieu for 2009 !

Lets take this time to think The assets We've made this year.
Assets ?? yes
The smiles you Own !
The smiles you bought !
Lets look back what we've done this year, how many hearts smiled because of us !
Not to take pride on, but to make sure we ramp up the count in the BIG 2010 !!

Also neva forget to count on the hearts which got hurt bcoz of us, knowingly or unknowingly.
Lets take a bit of time to say a sorry, not by words necessarily.

Lets thank God for giving us the best of Life, making circumstances such that we learnt life at every step of it.

Don wanna be philosophical, but felt like it makes sense to say.

An event happened sometime back...

A Small Kid was playin while his father was washing his hard earned Luxury Sedan.
The kid saw the dad washing the Bonnet of the car, His father watched the Kid goin and the back of car, picking a stone from the road. Before the father could react, the kid started scratching the Doors of the car. The father was terribly pissed seein what the kid was doin. Gone to the peak of temper, he took the wrench and spanner that was lying on the floor and started smacking the kid on his hands for doin so. In a moment the father realized he had badly hurt the kid, the kid was with all bleeding hands by that time. He realized the seriousness, and immediately taking the kid in the car to a nearby hospital.

The kid was taken in to an emergency admit room and he was treated by the doctors. In a matter of 15 minutes the doctor got back to the father and informed him that the kids fingers has got ruptured fracture and probably 7 of his fingers might have to be removed. The Father was totally baffled and crestfallen. He felt like tormented for what he has done to the kid. A moment later he went to the car and he was all stumbled seeing that.

The Kid Scratched glossy skin of the Car, but guess what he has scratched, it was "Papa, I Luv yo !"

That evening the Father went back home and committed Suicide.Its a real time incident.
So We've a very big lesson to learn from these things.

" Things are meant to be Used, People are meant to be Loved , but
We've started loving things and using people"

LEts change, lets make the change too !!

Curtain is Down, Just to Unwrap the better Screen : 2010 !!

Wishing you all a very great year ahead, Let every endeavour of yours give you the best you deserve !!

Keep Accumulating assets., make people smile !! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

P.S : I Love Myself !! The 51 Facts

Nothing stroked me in the recent past to write about. So Jus tot of "mine 'n write" ;)
I've decided to post something unusual. Well, in this blog post I'm going to explore myself as i write and let you know things about me in depth and detail.Here are 51 Facts about me !!

51 . I'm a dream factory, I believe no one can set limits to what I can be !

50. I'm still under confusion if I'm an atheist or theist. I believe on God but I don follow religion (I dunno wer it falls ;) )

49. I Luv to Listen, I Luv to speak, speak in public in specific.

48. I can make friends easily, albeit to get really close for sharin in and out, I'm very choosy !!

47. I Love my Dad a lot, I wish I had him to tell how much I Love him !

46. I'm "The Notorious" as a kid with 13+ stitches when I blew off 5 candles ;)

45. My first Love was when I was 7, I still remember proposin her ;) lolz

44. Hindi was the "Hard nut to Crack" for me, Secured Zero thrice in Rashtrabasha Examination ;) and thats wer ma mom retained me from goin to hindi classes :P

43. Something which I regret doin is forgettin the names of ppl I know. Next time I meet them I find it wierd and manage by askin "Man, So wats ur full name ??"

42. I stopped touching the cooker after it bursted 3 years back when I tried openin it with all my strength. I've still got the 9 inch scar in ma left hand :-/

41. I can walk for 10Kms at a stretch on the road glimpsin at the shops, names, wall posters, ad banners, road bumps, people, bikes, cars and still enjoy every foot of my walk even if it walking for the 1000th time on the same road.

40. My first n last cigar was when I was 9 .

39. I've neva been judgmental, I believe people act in way coz their situation demands it !

38. Something for which I've craved is to own a buLLet and finally I own one.

37. People who see me for the first time often believe I'm bullish ! ;) I've heard ppl sayin this once they get closer.,

36. Something which kills me is Loneliness, I need to be accompanied. But whats fishy is Musiq or ma Bull accompanies me most of the time.

35. My debut Cookin was a grand success, It was Mushroom with Capsicum flavored with white pepper. yeh that was 10 years back !! There started all ma experimentation ;)

34. I was listed in "Sure Failure List" for 12th Mathematics. thou I managed to pass it with an 80+ % ;)

33. The List of my career options from 15 years of age includes Indian Army, Geneticist, Forensic Scientist, A Police Officer, A business man, A politician. It was seldom a s/w Engg., :)

31. I tasted all the 8 salts in chemistry lab a day before final practicals to identify them without the knowledge of my Chemistry sir ;)

30. I always have an affinity with the staffs who took English, be it ma school or college..

29.My friends burst into laughter whenever i say that I'm Reserved :P But fact remains same ;)

28. Best of my friends say I'm Spontaneous, humorous, Outta-box thinker , optimistic, philosophical, trust-worthy and a total idiot ;)

27. I can Quit my Job right now If I'm not financially dependant on it and start chasin my passions right now (thou it'll soon happen, hopefully )

26. I read Forbes and often virtualize as if My name is in top listin ova there.

25. 5 years from now, I could neva imagine callin anyone my Boss. I Myself need to be my Boss.

24. My Dreams are lively, I have a dream house where-in everything is so pre-defined in ma heart ;)
(Dare 2 dream, dare to chase)

23. In the past 5 years I should have gone to temple not more than 5 times, I've gone to Temples, Churches Mosque n Jain Worship yards too !

22. A reason I hate mobile phone is It hinders me from gettin into Rain. I believe nothin in this world is so ecstatic like Gettin totally drenched in rain...heavenly...

21. I worry for "The Things I Love the most Never stay with me" (My Dad, my...list goes on)

20.I Wonder If anyone else in this world would be gifted with a friend whom you can boast of knowing from 6 months since ur birth. yep I've got a friend whoz wit me for the past 22 years !! (Awww sounds grr88 !! )

19. I was a member of "I Hate Mobile Phone" Community till "that day" !

18. I've learnt that the Source of the "Most Cherishing memories" and "The worst of Heart Ache" can be the same..

17. I've carried 14 bits for an examination. It was digital circuits exam, thou neva used one and managed to clear the paper ;)

16. I chk out gals with long hair and smilin eyes...lolz :D

15. Ppl say 8 is Unlucky, but by default if u ask me to say a number it wud be 8, dunno if its coz its my b'day..I've gotta a gr8 affinity to it.

14. I feel I'm dedicated to wateva I do, If I feel I'm not, I won do things.

13. I strongly believe Marks n Academics has nothin to do wit wat you are. Its jus the Life that teaches u a lot.

12. I'd prefer moon light over disco lights (yuh typical piscean) . I'm fascinated by Candle lit dinner thou neva had one till date ;)

11. I'd wish to step my foot in all 7 continents before I go 40's. Tahiti is the must watch in the list. Jus luv those huts in the sea with glass floors.

10. I'm bad in repository. I've lost my 12th Certificate once, I've got my Semester Mark sheets as two pieces from 2 reliable friends of mine ;) (Place to thank ya ! )

9. I often Wish God appears in front of me and asks for 3 wishes..I'd list them often, 1 Wish has always been the same...

8. A Stage I'd neva forget is Anna University Paper presentation in front of 2ooo peeps ! A transformational one where I totally lost the stage fear ! Thanks to those terrible questions shot !!

7. I feel lucky for having sister who can care for me more than my mom wud do, thou I haven't expressed it.

6. My attendance percentage has neva crossed the reqd 75% in ma 4 yrs of Engineering. Thanks to Mrs.Banumathy who used strrev() function on my 67% of attendance . lolz...

5. I've been bit by a monkey wen I was 8 years old wen I tried to tame the escaped one sittin near the cage.

4. My twelfth biology record needed to be completed with 40 diagrams in 2 nights. There was no single diagram which I drew in that record. Thanks to the one who drew all of it for me !

3. I often feel like I would be writin my biography in ma late 40's.

2. I've never been resentful, no matter how bad people make me feel. I jus smile and say "Jus be true to your Conscience, n believe therz a Judgement Day !! "

1. I am jus Wat I am. I Luv myself for that !!

Actually...I had loads to write after 1, but negative numbers don look good rite ;)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Honey...Watz in Dinner !!

They were a lovey pair, Its been 5 years since they got married,
Nothing has changed, neither the love nor the passion from the day one.
He is so caring that everything about her matters a lot to him.

Something was bugging him in recent days,
he feared she isn't hearing properly, thou not all times.
He discussed about this to his close friend whoz a doctor,
He also told his friend that in no ways it should hurt her by stating this.
So the doctor came up with an idea, "Before stepping into a treatment,
lets check the extent up to which it has gone " , He nodded an yes.
The Doctor gave an idea which indeed he executed...

He came back home that evening, She was busy preparing their dinner in kitchen.
She stepped into the hall and saw him stretching in the couch, offered him a blissful smile and resumed the dinner preparation. She was in her vision from the couch...

He asked her "Honey, Watz in Dinner !! "
He got no reply...

He showed a fast reflex, gettin up from couch, moved a bit further, gettin near the television and asked, " Sweety, Watz in Dinner !!"
He got no response...

He then moved to the dining room, which was between living room n Kitchen, again asked "Honey, Watz in Dinner !! "
Again...He got no reply...

He moved near Kitchen Door, asked "Baby, Watz in Dinner !!"
He still got no reply..

He then moved 'n stood right back to her and asked " Darlin, Watz in Dinner "

She now swiftly turned at him and said..
" Darling....This is the 5th time I'm saying 'Pasta 'n Chicken' "


Hasn't this happened to us, It happens to everyone...

The problem may not be with the Other One as we always think, Could be very much within US..!

Neva be Judgmental about anything or anyone in yo liFe, life is like a concave lens,
It looks totally different from what it appears to be from the other side !! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Man , tHe Cast Iron !!

"Opposite poles attract each other" Level 6 physics work all across the life !
Good attracts bad ! May be an unwritten rule.. I've been hearing from my people around for the past couple of weeks. Situation making feel "Life is Unfair". I don wanna discuss the issues down here. I jus wanna say We have loadsa people around us to make us feel "Life z terrible", that may be a stab financially or may be a dump in a relationship or simply to say "Trust Breakers" !
So whats in it, how to handle the situation. Thing one , I need to say is "If I'm in a situation, its jus bcoz the situation is needed for me to grow, grow in life. Believe me, Life makes no mistakes"
I just feel a virtual scenario, God gives the thinnest of twines tied between poles., He asks us to walk on it.., We feel like an amateurish gymnast walkin precariously on the rope of life, " ONE WRONG MOVE, We'd go Down !! " SO every problem we face, is for the fact , we're tuned up to be the best. So never give up. Jus give the best.

A question that arises on mind now. "So do I need to be a coward lookin at the Stone cold people who love playing other lives ?? " A valid question, But the answer is simple. "Jus believe there is a Judgement Day".

The more you struggle your living, the more precious you are. A rock on the river bed. Would you ever bother to admire it?? nope . But a rock which struggled the pressures for centuries ??? You adore calling it "Diamond", thats what you're, you're not just a rock. So welcome everything that happens to you. Life never lets you wit unrequited love !! Love it, Life will definitely Love you back !!

A Big problem ?? Looks like a fullstop ?? try drawin a small strip on it, Its no more a full stop, Its now a comma, nothin can stop you gettin in to the lime light. Life z jus a series of commas, neva judge it to be a full stop. Even ur death , the final full stop can be a comma. Live in people 's heart !!

Now that, A person who betrayed you, who broke trust, who cheated you. You know what you need to give them back ?? "Silence" yes silence can speak a million words, Its jus lettin them know they've done a blunder. You silence can be the mighty sword to handle them. You vent ur anger, it sounds for a day, you remain in silence, It'll inscribe their mistake in their stone cold heart for life time. Jus believe in someone is watching every single act.

Bar Iron : I found a man in a nearby welding shop, He was thriving his best to hit the Bar iron to make rectangular rods for iron grills. A thought provoked ma mind.
We are the person who cast the Iron. We cast our soul.
We are Left out with options.

A bar Iron
When Cast as Iron rod is 200 Rs.
When Cast as Horse Shoe is 1000 Rs.
When cast as a Watch Spring for Rolex, its a Million Dollar.

"Cast your soul carefully. It decides up if you're just a rod or the Rolex spring"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quadra Love !!

She was an uptown girl blessed with the best of beauty and riches. In a western nation like where she live, its not a stumbling factor to have more than one Boy friend., she was one of the kind ., She had 4 boy friends. She had the best times of life with them.
She loved the 4th boy friend more than anyone, she cherished him with all her riches, she adored him with rich robes and fed him the with the best of delicacies in the town.
She loved the 3rd boy friend too,she was so happy to have him, she was indeed flaunting him. but in some corner of her mind something said he'll leave her one day.
She loved the 2nd boy friend, but she knew he would stand by her side at tougher times. So she didn't bother about him much when things were fine.
And now the 1st boy friend, whom she never bothers about, hardly nurtures him, hardly cares for him.though he was so loyal, super dedicated, nothing was important for him more than her, all his thoughts were surrounded on her.

SO Life moved on that way, all of a sudden, she fell ill, had the worst nightmares come true. She was on the bed and she was said her life is gonna end soon. She was totally dejected., She knew she had everything in life that anyone would want to have., but she asked herself whats gonna come wit me after death.

She met her 4th boy friend, asked him "Darlin, I'm gonna die, I wanna be wit yo, Will you come with me across death ? I jus don wanna miss you"
The 4th boy friend said.." I know you loved me more than anything, but you know, I'm not so worthy..I don wanna be so too, I won stay wit you across death.."

She met her 3rd boy friend, asked him "Darlin, I'm gonna die, I wanna be wit yo, Will you come with me across death ? I jus don wanna miss you"
The 3rd Boy said "Listen, Its time for me to get along with another gal..I've been adored by every gal..So I'll be with another gal when you're dead !! "
The words went deep into her heart like an Italian sword piercing the flesh.

She met her 2nd boy friend, asked him "My man, I'm gonna die, I wanna be wit yo, Will you come with me across death ? I jus don wanna miss you"
The 2nd Boy friend said "Hey You're really important for me, but jus understand you're not the purpose of my presence here. So its jus that you're gonna die alone, accept it, believe me, I love you and I'll be there with you till your last breath..."
His answer stuck like a bolt of lightning deep in her heart..

She felt deserted with things happening around her, nothing made any sense for her now, neither her riches , nor her beauty...

Her head dropped down as she was disappointed, she was contemplating about her misconceptions..She heard footsteps., someone came near her, raised her chin. It was 1st boy friend. He was fragile 'n dull..But with the best of his voice he came out saying "Don worry dea ! I'll be with you , no matter where you go., even across death, I'll stay wit you no matter where you are and where you go"

All she had was tears in her eyes, She wasn't able to believe what she heard, He was the one ill treated by her, hardly noticed in fact, but its him who stands by her side in the rough patch of life... She weeped on his arms realizing she made the biggest blunder ignoring him all these days. But It was too late...Everything is over Now !!

P.S Note : The story above is fictional and all characters are imaginary :)

But its gotta trail...yeah.. The gal is none other than you, me , every one of us....

The 4th Boy friend is our " BODY ", we nurture him the best with the best clothes and rich delicacies , but no deal, he leaves you when we die..

The 3rd Boy friend is "Wealth and Possessions", yeah it moves to another person when we die..

The 2nd Boy friend is "Family and Friends ", they love you so much, but all they can do for you is , they can come up to the grave yard..

And now the 1st boy friend is "The Soul" with-in, we hardly notice it, we seldom nourish it., but Its been with us across the best and worst times of life...We often tend to neglect him in the pursuit of wealth possession and people. But no matter what he lives for us and only us..

So jus believe Its the soul, its the voice within the head..Its the commitment..Its the loyalty..Its the sense of satisfaction that keeps one happy...

Don Skip your track in pursuit of happiness, it might lead you to an undeserved place., Happiness lies within !!

"Its the divine with-in you that can give you Eternal pleasure that will never deplete"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seldom push thy WaLL !

A tranquillized sleep mostly never brings a dream, but I guess hardly a few are blessed wit that...I gotta admit I'm not the one wit that blessing...Yeah...Lots of thoughts while in the minutes before to bed, nothing strange to end up with dreams...But there are 'dreams' which are quite strange...

A couple of days back, I went to bed by late 11, of course with loadsa thoughts grinding in ma machine of mind.., It usually takes a while for me to fall asleep in the bed, and finally I slept in sometime. It should be 3a.m I guess, I woke up all of a sudden, eyes wide opened to recognize that I'm still in the darkness of Night., Yes it was the second time I had the the a sequential dream..I was puzzled and I wanted some water by then..I stepped down from my bed to reach the fridge to have water, not to quench my thirst,but may be to quit the strangeness..So wats the dream...

A wide plain wall which could indeed abstract anything in the other side.,Jus imagine a big wall without any horizon , reaching the skies, A wall painted in ice blue..I could obviously not know wats there on the other side..So All I had was a Big Wall on one side and a lush greeneries and a fresh stream running in midst of it on the other side where rabbits play in in the greeneries and herd of reindeer slurping the water from the running stream, the water there is so clear to unveil the pebbles in the water bed..,

If you ask whats the odd ball out there, I've got it here, right now... The first day...I visualized myself pushing the big blue wall with all my efforts down on it., I saw myself sweating and exhausted but still nothing stopped me pushing the wall., It was like I'm pushing it for my life. Everything vaporized in a moment as I broke out of my sleep..Couple of days from that again, it was like a continuation...The dream started with "An exhausted me" tired of pushing the wall, understanding it can never be pushed, sat near the wall with a disproportion of frustration coz I weren't able to push the wall and the scoop of energy given by the the serenity of nature on other side. Time passes and I was resting myself, cherishing the breeze across the greeneries and I started walking towards the stream to taste the elixir of life. I was sitting on a rock in the stream with my legs swaying and playing with the gushing water and with the flame angel and coral beauty..I could hear quills singing song for me, A pair of deer chasing each other playing in their own way., It was simply nothing short of Heaven...But It was just the time to take a wink ,I was dumbstruck seeing what was happening there, I was witnessing all those serenity getting transformed, transforming into a wall...A big blue wall much similar to what I found on the other side...
It grew and never stopped and finally yet another big blue wall with no horizon...

" Do I need to push it ? " , "Will I get those serenity back ? "

Thats where I broke out of ma sleep !! Ain't it mystifying ?? Atleast I found it so..May be thats why I told my mom about this for which all she could do is smile and say.,Don bee too creative !

But I felt in my deep heart that its gotta message for me, I rode my bull alone to a lonely beach and sat in the shore appreciating the heavenly breeze in the dusk and the chillness that the wind brought me from the mystic ocean ! A deep contemplation which I rarely do, I continuously had the glimpse of the dream and things happening in my life.., Is it an analogue or am I correlating them ! I din have an answer for this...But I was reaching out to the point...

So the Serenity of Nature is the people or situations in our life which we bestow the most and getting it transformed into a wall is the way it changes, leaving no trails of what they've been all these days actually..

So what are we supposed to do, how are we supposed to react for the changes happening around (In fact 'change' is an understatement to describe what exactly it is)... Are we supposed to push them, are we supposed to knock them, can we ever do that...The answer is simply "No".
Here a thought conjured up in my mind "The scope of Influence" , I can influence anything on Me but not anything over this world...Anything other than "The Self" is out of scope to influence. So all we can do is admit that it has transformed, serenity is no more the same, its just a wall which can not be influenced, and dropped with a hope that If the Almighty can transform a serenity into a wall, a plain wall., he can in deed transform a wall into serenity one day ! Its hard to accept that the serenity we admired the most is now an just an unresponsive wall.,the moments we cherished the most, are just memories of past !! All We can do is accept it for the fact that you'll jus be hurt if u try knocking the wall to bring back your serenity !!

"The tide never stays with the shore, but its not that the shore loses them, it endures the loses, depicting as if it has never lost "

Learn to accept things as they are, give nothing less than your best, the world migh not seem to be fair, but Its g00d...Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth "You owe me! " Look at what happens witha dedication like that, after all It lights the whole sky !!

Jus Rememba
"That Which is to give light, must endure burning"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

" Rewrite Destiny !! "

March 8, 1995…The little boy turned 8, As usual, my dad made up the arrangement for the b’day party and things were getting ready, friends were invited and yuh family too.,

Last year it was a bi-cycle, So what’ll be it for this year, My dad knew all the tricks to excite me., It was 6 odd , Dressed up in ma new clothing, friends n family have gathered.,It was all fun outta there., We all had a sumptuous dinner accompanied by my mom’s special “Mysore Poli”… The eve was simply awesome. My dad made it special as usual., Everyone left the party. I was tired but still with all excitement and expectation in heart about whatz gonna be dad’s gift., He never left out a word till now.., My dad took me in his arms and said “I’m sorry I jus have this to gift you this year “, and kissed my cheeks, being a kid that was quite disappointing, but matured enough not to reveal that., “Its OK papa, Its worth a lot” and kissed him back...

Chin Down, I turned back, started walking towards my cycle…A hand grabbed me from the back, raised me up the ceiling and kissed, I knew it was my dad., I sensed ma mom’s animated smile beside…Dad said “He din say a word, how sweet “ and in a moments, mom echoes “Much like you” , I jus looked on his eyes., He gave a grin , he put his hands in his pocket and a took out his hands, I was eager to know what it was., but..his hands were closed., yuh it was big enough to curtain what was in..My favorite game it is, to open his hands…I smiled at him and started my encounter…All my weight over him., all my strength @ his hands..Finally managed to open his little finger…The big man din bother about that…I tried ma best to unhook his next finger..thou it was tougher., There flashed in my mind, the cheat code…He had a tickle point…I tickled him and he burst out in laughter…”Ok ..ok I’ll show u now…” We all had smiles in our face.,from the heart…He opened his hand to bring it to light…That was a cute gold ring..

He asked me show my fingers and he slided it on my ring finger…

I was amazed how well It fits in my finger.., how did he knew the size very well..I jus said myself “After all He knew me so well, coz he loves me so much”.

That night, I was just staring at it and didn’t knew when I slept…

The next day in school, It was all flaunting (kid yaar !! ;) ) ,

Sounds funny, Shaking hands with everyone to sport it, and boastin sayin , yuh its my dad’s gift..

That weekend we went to our native..An amazing place..Beach view from the bedroom, what more…I always had a fascination to play at beach, demanded my dad to take me to beach, and he did so…It was 7 in the morning…Had a great time in water thou I don’t know swimming..Time jus rolls off there, it clocked 9 and my dad said Its high time and we gotta get back home…Unwillingly walked off the shore…Had a bath in a nearby sump., To the panic., I noted I didn’t have the ring in my finger..I was afraid to say that to my dad, but managed to say him., I thought I would be scolded at the moment, but my dad jus asked are you sure you wore it when u came to beach…I nodded an yes…He took me back to beach shore and confirmed the place where I was playing…That beach was so shallow, and Its full of coral reefs [Kind of cup shaped rocky structures in sea bench) in the shore…We both had a walk there glimpsing at the enigmatic sea, knowing its impossible to get the ring back...He took me in his arms and said, “ Fine if its for you , you’ll definitely get it back…We’ll get back home.., Don say it to mom, coz she’ll screw you for that, I’ll get you a new one once we reach Chennai.. “ I nodded my head, as we walked back from the shore..I turned back at the sea with a grief in my eyes for it swallowed my dad’s gift..

He wanted to make me comfortable and embraced me. We reached home, The day was busy with the rituals happening in the temple..Ma mom was too busy to note my lost ring. Thou I was in the temple, all ma heart was over the ring., All I wanted is to get the lost ring back, and not a new one, Not everything in this world can be replaced, and that’s what termed as emotion..

The sun started to melt in the sea , and we all were back at the home., Whenever we stay in our native, we prefer sleeping in the terrace, but that day I was not comfortable there., with my thoughts pre-occupied. I came down and had a nap in the bedroom, My dad backed up, I saw him sleeping next to me when I broke out of sleep in middle of the night..I smiled, and resumed my sleep…

With the warmth of the morning sun, woke up at 6, and rolled over ma dad..He woke up by then., Native’s special , A sort of Palm extract juice was served, had a gulp of it, My dad asked “Do u wanna go to the beach? “ , I said nothing, but he wanted to take me, So we went, He spoke about how he spent his childhood days over there, and the bet he had with his friends to sleep in the cemetery for a night., Of course he did it., It took 20 minutes to reach the beach. I din step in the water, we both sat near the shore, where I lost the ring, We were talking about the sea monster, blue whales, and Sri Lanka which was few Kilometers away from that place by sea thou all my heart was over the lost ring, All of a sudden, to my astonishment, I could see something glittering under a coral reef, It was morning sun and It glittered well under a cup shaped rock which had shrub in it, My dad noted I’m intrigued by something there, He din take his sigh out of me as he watched me moving towards it, I put my hands in it, to unveil the mystery. I jus jumped out with all the energy in heart, and with the ring in my hand, My dad was awestruck, he jus came to me, hugged and said “I said you yesterday, If something is for you, no matter what, you’ll get it, all you need is to bestow your trust on it and on the soul of the world…” Thou I didn’t understand what’s the soul of the Earth by that time.

I was so happy that day, It was the day I started believing If you do something with all your heart on it, you can “Rewrite your Destiny” , I don have the man now who gifted it, but even now wheneva I look at it, I jus say I’m lucky I had him in my life, for he thought me the best of living..

The world is so big and it threatens you for your desires, but all you need is envisioning your dreams, believe it from the heart, give your fullest dedication…At the end of the day, no matter what It’ll be yours and you can “Rewrite your Destiny

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Still Love her !!

"I'll be your friend till the skies fall ova earth..." she said when ever I look at her now !

She became a part of my life, it was July 12, 2006...I know her long back but I fell for her when I was about to complete my 3rd year B.Tech to be precise in my sister's wedding...Once she came into my life, she made me feel like I jus can't survive a moment without her...Very rarely she hasn't been wit me ever since..Shez easily the one I've heard the most and shez the one to whom I've spoken the most...I doubt If I wud hav spoken so much wit ma mum !!

She is so reliable., I've always loved her for that cause..,Shez the one who stands by my side in the best and worst of worse.., She can listen to all my crap.., She has seen me laugh aloud., cribbing., she has seen me in the blues...she has seen me weeping what not., She is the one who entertains me when I'm bugged., She has gotta not so good tone., but she neva hesitates to sing for me..I had a lot more reasons for why I loved her so much..

She was the one who was there in the hospital wit me all through the day and made sure ma mum and friends are informed about it when I met wit an accident...I jus love to have her next to me all the time..She always gives all her time for me but neva said she is tired..she was so dedicated that nothing in this world was important for her other than me...

I have to admit it here..,I've hurt her lot many times.,I've always taken her for granted but she has never let me down..Once in a while, albeit very rarely she gave me the cold shoulder...she wont let me talk , sometimes she wont talk to me back...I dunno what was wrong all on a sudden., her acts were totally different., I've neva seen her reacting so, since I knew her...She did not respond to any of my actions properly, neither she listened to me, nor she talked back...I believed she wud change in due course of time...I tried my best to fix her up...but all my efforts gone void...I didn't know what exactly to do..days rolled by., I wasn't able to see a bit of improvement from her side nor she revealed the reason...

Everything has limits., so does my patience..I gave ma last attmpt and nothin seemed to work out..Its time for me to decide up., It's time for me to give up my first sensation..I was afraid to loose her., but still I jus can't go up with her...I know she would neither survive too long, nor will be with me forever...I decided not to be commited to her anymore...I knew I had better options than her..Of course I'm a human being and Itz my attribute to be selfish and think about MY future....Move on..thatz the only thing I had in my mind.. and I moved on...Now shez no more in my life other that memories...She is none other than ma sweet Nokia 3310..but still I live with a much better N95 now... Life goes on... !!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My First (and Last) Cigar !!

Yeah they thought we were kids, they didn't knew they were wrong...We were 10 @ that time., The last benchers JK, Rajesh , Ratheesh and Deepak ! We were DONning the class., Gang wars, Politics, Revenge, a nerve full of wrath and wat not in level 5 ;) ...Class mates have never dared an eye on eye to us., that was the pride by that time., Days rolled of.. bullyin and stabbin their butt wit pencil weren't enough to DON 'em...We wanted to give them an Impact..The group of 4 met in a terrace one evening, ultimate objective was to keep the reign in control...Deepak voice out-bursted there.."We gotta do something that these dumb heads shud stay the same foreva" the trio acknowledged.."SO watz gonne be that ? " exclaims Rajesh...And a hush of silence prevailed there...Again It was Deepak's voice "I've seen the +2 boys smoking cigar., how 'bout that ?? ", with a bunk full of tremor in throat comes out Ratheesh "Watz with it now !! " JK yells "Common we r gonna do that years ahead of 'em !! " and there goes the plan....Lets first name the mission says JK, followed by a handful of worthless suggestions..Rajesh whoz alwayz considered to be the techie of the gang came up with a name which impressed the rest trio...They now call it as " Black Diamond Dinosaur "....

What nxt ?? Schedule...Deepak is alwayz good at it...he was residin at a place few Kms away from our school and it was kinda out of viscinity...So thatz gonna be the start spot....Mission would be executed @ 6 in the eve, comin saturday amidst the bushes of nearby railway station...SO now whoz gonna bring what...A proud voice, JK "I'll be the major contributor, Ma dad use to smoke, I can bring cigar" and followed by others with rest of tit bits...Now Plan was totally under control...It was friday eve, Max enthu wit the gang...We've made the mission name familiar in the class , but they weren't aware of wat exactly it is...

Saturday...things were perfectly executed as per the road map.., All under the bushes near "X" railway station., Get set, Go, Fired up the cigars and right into the first puff.., Deepak was perfect in it., We were caughin aloud., neva give up., we went on till the last puff., It was done., Felt an extra nerve in us ;) It was all like an achievement..After a series of mouth refreshers..I din speak to ma mom that eve once I reached home..."Operation Successful" A pat on the back !!

Monday morning, the school assembley got over, 1st hour..their started the braggin, Loose talk...may be...but everything was out now., and info spreaded from last bench to first bench..mates starin at us awestruck...It was the limelight for our gang...We shared a valiant smile..That evening, A blaaack sheep from my class disclosed to our class mistress who was inturn his tuition mistress too.. Scene closes here..

Next Morning, to be precise, tuesday morning 9.15 all the 4 were acused for this and litigated in AO's room [the terror] , There we had the investigation for about an hour, by 11 in the morning our parents were called...There came my dad, He listened to the entire story...He had a laughter hidden inside the throat but the locale stopped him. He was informed that we were suspended for a week, he apologised and swore them that It'll neva happen again...He took me back home, said "Appa ta keta kuduthurka poraen, yen da idhella !! seri edhuvum ammata solla venda seriya "[Now Thats why I say , I had the World's best Dad..Muaahhh !!! ]

So that made things different.....The first and Last Cigar is anywayz a thrilling mishap for me  to look back, Isn't it ;)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oops !!

Did you just blow it? Are you feeling embarrassed, humiliated? And worse . . .do you feel like a failure?

Those are some pretty harsh judgments on your part. Do you deserve them?

It’s one thing to feel regret and live with the intention of doing better in the future, avoiding a repeat of that mistake. But it’s something entirely different to judge yourself to be a failure or to be "bad" in some way because you made a mistake.

This is not a new concept. . .everyone makes mistakes!

It’s how you react to the situation that makes you who you are. If you want to be a forgiving person, then you forgive yourself. If you want to learn from the mistake and come away a better person, then you will take the action necessary to accomplish that. And you have to take that action. Only someone who does nothing can avoid making mistakes.

You are entitled to mistakes. We all are. Live with it! And know that you are deserving of forgiveness and trust. You have the power to carry on and make the best of it. Use that power.


        "Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat."

Laughter....Misunderstood !!

Ma mom not at home and so Me and my close friend went to dine @ a restaurant nearby...This restaurant caters to children and gives each a helium-filled balloon if they would like it.

There was a family sittin next to our table, mom dad and 2 cute children. Both these children had a balloon drifting close by.The small boy appeared to be about six years old. Late in the meal something made his balloon pop. It obviously startled many of us in the vicinity, including the boy. He sat there for several moments with a distressed look on his face, and after what seemed to be a valiant effort, he burst into tears and buried his head in his mother’s arm. 

Several adults around him, including both his parents, had laughed. I couldn’t help wondering if he cried because he thought he wouldn’t get another balloon, or because it scared him, or perhaps because he was embarrassed by the laughter. Not all children like that kind of attention being focused on them. This child could have felt very self-conscious.

If he was embarrassed, it is really unfortunate that all those adults added to it. Each of them might have hoped their laughter showed the boy it was OK. Each might have laughed simply because they were startled and were reacting to the innocent reason for it. Each one may have had perfectly harmless intentions in their laughter. But should we assume that children interpret all laughter as fun, because that was the intent? Should we assume a child will understand what our intention is? If we could, instead, react with empathy, we might choose to stifle the guffaws.  

Though children deserve to have us always try...It’s never been  easy to always put yourself in another’s shoes.... [:)] 

Monday, April 20, 2009

boYz driLL !! galZ chiLL !!

It might look funny or cranky for you ,jus read it!!

We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules
from the male side. These are our rules! Please note ... these are
all numbered '1' ON PURPOSE!

1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints
do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!

1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it.
That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.

1. If you won't dress like the Victoria's Secret girls, don't expect
us to act like soap opera guys.

1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the
ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.

1. Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we.

1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach,
for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have
no idea what mauve is.

1. If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing," we will act
like nothing's wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth
the hassle.

1. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, expect an
answer you don't want to hear.

1.Don't assume that guys won't care where you are, because we do. 
It makes us feel secure to know that our girlfriends aren't off flirting with guys we've never heard of.

1.Also, don't talk about your ex-boyfriends. 
We never have, nor ever will respect or like them, nor do we want to hear about them. 
When you do, you're asking your boyfriend to be jealous. You're asking your boyfriend to lose trust.

1.We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. 
But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off.

Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. 
Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. 

1.Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Smile and say "thank you." 
Let us pay for you. Don't "feel bad."       We enjoy doing it.

1.Don't flirt with guys when we're not around. We'll find out. Trust us. 
We have eyes everywhere. And when we find out, we're pissed. 
Not necessarily with the guys you flirted with, more-so with you.

1.Don't talk about how hot Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt is in front of us. 
It's boring, and we don't care.    You have girlfriends for that.

SO guyz would have been smiling readin this, and girlz red hot...anywayz itz jus a blog...Keep Smilin...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

" Trust " ~ not Just a word...

Yet another philosophical blog, but trust me, its something which we go through in every single life. " Yes It wasn't your fault, It was mine that I believe every word of yours" . The sentence which bumps out of heart when someone whom you trust the most acts worthless for it and torments you.
I certainly believe its one of the most toughest situation in anyone's life to believe what your eyes see, what your senses listen and what your soul agrees, when the person you love the most can consider you to be a scrap....
Only by the time when your most loved ones break your heart you would be able to feel the presence of two different entities in your bag of bones. Yes the brain will say "you are ditched" and heart sayz "Whateva be it !! All I know is to Love and keep loving "....
You'll know every little thing, you will feel so small, but all u could do is to love....
But what makes life go on in its tract is the eternal satisfaction of offering love straight from heart....No matter what they give back.....
Every relationship, is bound to fall apart when you start keeping things to yourself.
Secrets don't destroy things...but suspicion does..

Life is so simple If you could be an open book, not to every one, but atleast to your loved ones. And that make a glib in relationship and keep it going on and on foreva !!

Trust and staY Trustable.... !!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

@ RTO office !!

22 years, by now I should have had a licence !! thought provoked and I approached an agent for taking a licence. He jus asked me to pay 400 bucks and asked me to be @ RTO office the next morning, and handed a paper which had  all trafic signals and stuffs and @ its back I had a contact number of a person named Sunil, whom I'm supposed to catch up in RTO office.  I jus had a swift glimpse @ that paper  that night.

        Next Morning, I started to RTO office, I'm not sure where exactly it is, and so I inquired a person near guindy and somehow reached the office on time.  I called up Sunil and he got my documents and asked me to wait. RTO office, again a typical Govt office (hope no adjectives reqd)
I was waiting for quater-an-hour there, Then he asked me to get into the exam cell. I had 4 other guys with me and 3 were through agents and one poor guy came on his own (probably, he wud hav neva heard anything abt govt office ;) ) So We 5 guys were cross checked for the details we furnished and then we were given computers to take up a test. The moment we went and sat, A voice peered from my back "Thambi, Silent a iru, naa paathukraen" I turned back , and I had to see a huge person with a pot belly giving a blank smile @ me . I din understand wat he meant . It took a moment for me to understand that he din want me to take the test, for all the four who came through agents, It was a name sake test. This person came and chuckled the keyboard for probably 100 seconds , the test got over with a congratulations. He was so experticed wit the questions so that he din take more than  2 seconds for 1 question and the best part is he was attending two tests (I mean for 2 person) simultaneously. All I had to do was smile ;) . Then I had something fishy to watch out. 4 ppl through agent cleared and the one who came on his own flunked in de test. He ain't aware that o'ly ppl who come through agents clear all of 'em seamlessly. 
They jus gotta signature from us in a record and asked us to collect the LLR from respective agents and asked to come after 30 days for licence. The day was done.
   I turned back to home, Had a drink and sat back in ma long armed chair contemplating abt all those things happened there. Directly or Indirectly I've bribed people and Its clearly picturized that nothing is gonna happen there without money or person there. I dunno if I was right or the guy who din get his work done was right. But ultimately, I got my work done.
All I felt is "Kali kalumuda eppa ;) "

Monday, March 16, 2009

Whatever happens, happens for a Reason !!

 The very question that arises in every mind is " Why Me, Why ME God !! ".
Our life often sounds like being topped up with pangs and toils, and yes, makes us feel that ours is thee toughest life with all sort of problems. Ofcourse, this might even put us in dismay at times.
But let us think certain things very practically and believe certain things which are unsaid.
    " Sure we are  the masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength; its complications are not beyond my endurance; 
As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us "
   I believe, Life is always left out with options. Whateva be the adversity of the problem,We can either opt for , One, to Sit back. Two, to set back. It is our own choise which is going to make all the difference. "To Sit back" sounds to be more comfortable but in the long run the person who sets back once he faces the problem would have moved miles ahead in life, because he is the one who knows to adapt changes and thy he overlives life. SO its all about facing whateva happens with all the courage and moving ahead. Certainly every problem we face is just to assess the endurance of ours. !!
  Sometimes people come into your life
and you know right away that they were
meant to be there... to serve some
sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or
help figure out who you are or who you
want to become. You never know who
these people may be but when you look
eyes with them, you know that every
moment that you are with them, they
will affect your life in some profound
way. And sometimes things happen to
you at the time that may seem horrible,
painful and unfair, but in reflection
you realize that without overcoming
those obstacles you would have never
realized your potential, strength,
will power or heart.

Everything happens for a reason!
Nothing happens by chance or by means
of good luck. Illness, injury, love,
lost moments of true greatness and sheer
stupidity all occur to test the limits
of your soul. Without these small
tests, life would be like a smoothly
paved, straight, flat road to nowhere,
safe and comfortable but dull and
utterly pointless.

The people you meet affect your life.
The successes and downfalls that you
experience can create who you are, and
the bad experiences can be learned
from.... In fact, they are probably the
most poignant and important ones.
If someone hurts you, betrays you or
breaks your heart, forgive them because
they have helped you learn about trust
and the importance of being cautious
to whom you open your heart. If someone
loves you, love them back unconditionally
not only because they love you, but
also because they are teaching you to
love and open your heart and eyes to
little things.

MAKE EVERYDAY COUNT! Appreciate every moment and take from it everything
that you possibly can, for you may never
be able to experience it again. Talk to people who you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, even if it doesn't seem right because you are too young or too far, just follow your heart. Surround yourself with those who make you smile, laugh, and make you happy.

Break free and set your sights high. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create your own life then LET GO and LIVE IT! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Dream Ride !!

It was  December of 1996 that owned a  devilish evening with monstrous thunder and the down-pour stripping off the mud from the road, making it look glossy under the mercury vapour lamp.
The place was deaden silent except for the gushing of water beads on the streets... !! 

The kid and his mom were sittin on the verandah of the wide house and were staring at the road,
moms eyes were filled up with some kind of expectation. The kid was on his way enjoying the pampering of the heavenly rain dropplets that scatters from  the nearby wall.

The clock speeds up itz pace and it was 9:50 pm. Neither the gush of water flow nor the silence prevailing had a change. "Dhudhub" that was a heavy thunder crackling down the line, the kid got afraid and hugged his mom from behind. Mom embraced him and gave him the warmth and courage to get back.

There came the thump "did did did did did did did" , Yes It was the god built machine's sound.
The kid pumping out of his seating, yelling "Dad's back" and yes that brought a deep smile in moms face. The kid is alwayz fascinated by the thump he hears.

Down the road, It looked like a dawn in the late night , illuminating the darkness of the darkest clouds. The thump giving a vibrant effect in the kid. There came his dad, He looked like an all time hero for the kid . His dad parked his Bullet (yes, the God made machine ) and givin a wide smile at the kid and the mom. The kid wanted a hug and the dad gave one. 

"Dad aren't you afraid of these darkness and these gruesome thunders ? " the kid asked.
Dad kissed the kid's forehead and said "No baby, You  ride a Bullet and You are the king of this world, nothing could bring a fear in you" and went in taking his kid in his shoulders and mom in arms.

That might be just a phrase from dad, but those words were inscribed in the kid's heart.
He came in, sat with his dad who is havin his dinner. He clutched his dad's arms with all anxiety and asked him "Dad, Can I own a bullet ? ". Dad laughed and said, "Baby you are just nine now, Yes, you can own but you should buy one and should buy with your love not with your dad's wallet, because itz a mix of passion and pride !! ", and that gave birth to a fiery dream to own a bullet.

A year rolled off, and unfortunately, the kid's dad passed away all of a sudden. It was all sob's around for years. The kid grew up, yes with all memories of dad and with all the dreams of his dad's Bullet. He craved for those moments but said within himself, " Everything is gonna be alright ." those school days were over, It was time to college,  his foot drove him to college, all his mates flaunting with Sports class bike did not make him feel envious !! He jus remembered his dad saying "Not from dad's wallet" and he smiled at them everytime.  

All he did those dayz was closing his eyes, seeing himself riding the king of the road, with an aviator eye gear and a semi-closed US military helmet and a pair of bull's leather glove with all  the thump making people turn at him !! again he opened his eyes and said "yes its gonna come true" 

It is March 2009, Now he is not a kid, not a teen, he is a Man now, got his hard earned job in his hands!! He got into the job and got his earnings too !! The man now deserves the Macho , and he knows it too !!
He is all set to bring his dream come true, He booked his Bullet with his first earnings.
He closed his eyes and said "Dad, It is My First Love, My Pride, My Pulse , My Passion , My Dream and what not , and dad, I made it from my wallet...." he was able so see his dad smiling with all the bliss.
and thats up now...
He rode his Bullet home, It is back home after 13 long years. His mom was all brimming to see her kid driving back the bull. It was not the end, It is just the begining.
The royal ride will continue, roads might end, not thy dreamz !!