Sunday, June 14, 2009

My First (and Last) Cigar !!

Yeah they thought we were kids, they didn't knew they were wrong...We were 10 @ that time., The last benchers JK, Rajesh , Ratheesh and Deepak ! We were DONning the class., Gang wars, Politics, Revenge, a nerve full of wrath and wat not in level 5 ;) ...Class mates have never dared an eye on eye to us., that was the pride by that time., Days rolled of.. bullyin and stabbin their butt wit pencil weren't enough to DON 'em...We wanted to give them an Impact..The group of 4 met in a terrace one evening, ultimate objective was to keep the reign in control...Deepak voice out-bursted there.."We gotta do something that these dumb heads shud stay the same foreva" the trio acknowledged.."SO watz gonne be that ? " exclaims Rajesh...And a hush of silence prevailed there...Again It was Deepak's voice "I've seen the +2 boys smoking cigar., how 'bout that ?? ", with a bunk full of tremor in throat comes out Ratheesh "Watz with it now !! " JK yells "Common we r gonna do that years ahead of 'em !! " and there goes the plan....Lets first name the mission says JK, followed by a handful of worthless suggestions..Rajesh whoz alwayz considered to be the techie of the gang came up with a name which impressed the rest trio...They now call it as " Black Diamond Dinosaur "....

What nxt ?? Schedule...Deepak is alwayz good at it...he was residin at a place few Kms away from our school and it was kinda out of viscinity...So thatz gonna be the start spot....Mission would be executed @ 6 in the eve, comin saturday amidst the bushes of nearby railway station...SO now whoz gonna bring what...A proud voice, JK "I'll be the major contributor, Ma dad use to smoke, I can bring cigar" and followed by others with rest of tit bits...Now Plan was totally under control...It was friday eve, Max enthu wit the gang...We've made the mission name familiar in the class , but they weren't aware of wat exactly it is...

Saturday...things were perfectly executed as per the road map.., All under the bushes near "X" railway station., Get set, Go, Fired up the cigars and right into the first puff.., Deepak was perfect in it., We were caughin aloud., neva give up., we went on till the last puff., It was done., Felt an extra nerve in us ;) It was all like an achievement..After a series of mouth refreshers..I din speak to ma mom that eve once I reached home..."Operation Successful" A pat on the back !!

Monday morning, the school assembley got over, 1st hour..their started the braggin, Loose talk...may be...but everything was out now., and info spreaded from last bench to first bench..mates starin at us awestruck...It was the limelight for our gang...We shared a valiant smile..That evening, A blaaack sheep from my class disclosed to our class mistress who was inturn his tuition mistress too.. Scene closes here..

Next Morning, to be precise, tuesday morning 9.15 all the 4 were acused for this and litigated in AO's room [the terror] , There we had the investigation for about an hour, by 11 in the morning our parents were called...There came my dad, He listened to the entire story...He had a laughter hidden inside the throat but the locale stopped him. He was informed that we were suspended for a week, he apologised and swore them that It'll neva happen again...He took me back home, said "Appa ta keta kuduthurka poraen, yen da idhella !! seri edhuvum ammata solla venda seriya "[Now Thats why I say , I had the World's best Dad..Muaahhh !!! ]

So that made things different.....The first and Last Cigar is anywayz a thrilling mishap for me  to look back, Isn't it ;)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oops !!

Did you just blow it? Are you feeling embarrassed, humiliated? And worse . . .do you feel like a failure?

Those are some pretty harsh judgments on your part. Do you deserve them?

It’s one thing to feel regret and live with the intention of doing better in the future, avoiding a repeat of that mistake. But it’s something entirely different to judge yourself to be a failure or to be "bad" in some way because you made a mistake.

This is not a new concept. . .everyone makes mistakes!

It’s how you react to the situation that makes you who you are. If you want to be a forgiving person, then you forgive yourself. If you want to learn from the mistake and come away a better person, then you will take the action necessary to accomplish that. And you have to take that action. Only someone who does nothing can avoid making mistakes.

You are entitled to mistakes. We all are. Live with it! And know that you are deserving of forgiveness and trust. You have the power to carry on and make the best of it. Use that power.


        "Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat."

Laughter....Misunderstood !!

Ma mom not at home and so Me and my close friend went to dine @ a restaurant nearby...This restaurant caters to children and gives each a helium-filled balloon if they would like it.

There was a family sittin next to our table, mom dad and 2 cute children. Both these children had a balloon drifting close by.The small boy appeared to be about six years old. Late in the meal something made his balloon pop. It obviously startled many of us in the vicinity, including the boy. He sat there for several moments with a distressed look on his face, and after what seemed to be a valiant effort, he burst into tears and buried his head in his mother’s arm. 

Several adults around him, including both his parents, had laughed. I couldn’t help wondering if he cried because he thought he wouldn’t get another balloon, or because it scared him, or perhaps because he was embarrassed by the laughter. Not all children like that kind of attention being focused on them. This child could have felt very self-conscious.

If he was embarrassed, it is really unfortunate that all those adults added to it. Each of them might have hoped their laughter showed the boy it was OK. Each might have laughed simply because they were startled and were reacting to the innocent reason for it. Each one may have had perfectly harmless intentions in their laughter. But should we assume that children interpret all laughter as fun, because that was the intent? Should we assume a child will understand what our intention is? If we could, instead, react with empathy, we might choose to stifle the guffaws.  

Though children deserve to have us always try...It’s never been  easy to always put yourself in another’s shoes.... [:)]