Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Curtain is DOwn !!

2009 !! Happiness, Excitement, Sorrows, Love, Faith, Trust, Success, Downfall, Comebacks what not..A year with everything. Ultimately made us a better human being.

Its time to bid adieu for 2009 !

Lets take this time to think The assets We've made this year.
Assets ?? yes
The smiles you Own !
The smiles you bought !
Lets look back what we've done this year, how many hearts smiled because of us !
Not to take pride on, but to make sure we ramp up the count in the BIG 2010 !!

Also neva forget to count on the hearts which got hurt bcoz of us, knowingly or unknowingly.
Lets take a bit of time to say a sorry, not by words necessarily.

Lets thank God for giving us the best of Life, making circumstances such that we learnt life at every step of it.

Don wanna be philosophical, but felt like it makes sense to say.

An event happened sometime back...

A Small Kid was playin while his father was washing his hard earned Luxury Sedan.
The kid saw the dad washing the Bonnet of the car, His father watched the Kid goin and the back of car, picking a stone from the road. Before the father could react, the kid started scratching the Doors of the car. The father was terribly pissed seein what the kid was doin. Gone to the peak of temper, he took the wrench and spanner that was lying on the floor and started smacking the kid on his hands for doin so. In a moment the father realized he had badly hurt the kid, the kid was with all bleeding hands by that time. He realized the seriousness, and immediately taking the kid in the car to a nearby hospital.

The kid was taken in to an emergency admit room and he was treated by the doctors. In a matter of 15 minutes the doctor got back to the father and informed him that the kids fingers has got ruptured fracture and probably 7 of his fingers might have to be removed. The Father was totally baffled and crestfallen. He felt like tormented for what he has done to the kid. A moment later he went to the car and he was all stumbled seeing that.

The Kid Scratched glossy skin of the Car, but guess what he has scratched, it was "Papa, I Luv yo !"

That evening the Father went back home and committed Suicide.Its a real time incident.
So We've a very big lesson to learn from these things.

" Things are meant to be Used, People are meant to be Loved , but
We've started loving things and using people"

LEts change, lets make the change too !!

Curtain is Down, Just to Unwrap the better Screen : 2010 !!

Wishing you all a very great year ahead, Let every endeavour of yours give you the best you deserve !!

Keep Accumulating assets., make people smile !! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

P.S : I Love Myself !! The 51 Facts

Nothing stroked me in the recent past to write about. So Jus tot of "mine 'n write" ;)
I've decided to post something unusual. Well, in this blog post I'm going to explore myself as i write and let you know things about me in depth and detail.Here are 51 Facts about me !!

51 . I'm a dream factory, I believe no one can set limits to what I can be !

50. I'm still under confusion if I'm an atheist or theist. I believe on God but I don follow religion (I dunno wer it falls ;) )

49. I Luv to Listen, I Luv to speak, speak in public in specific.

48. I can make friends easily, albeit to get really close for sharin in and out, I'm very choosy !!

47. I Love my Dad a lot, I wish I had him to tell how much I Love him !

46. I'm "The Notorious" as a kid with 13+ stitches when I blew off 5 candles ;)

45. My first Love was when I was 7, I still remember proposin her ;) lolz

44. Hindi was the "Hard nut to Crack" for me, Secured Zero thrice in Rashtrabasha Examination ;) and thats wer ma mom retained me from goin to hindi classes :P

43. Something which I regret doin is forgettin the names of ppl I know. Next time I meet them I find it wierd and manage by askin "Man, So wats ur full name ??"

42. I stopped touching the cooker after it bursted 3 years back when I tried openin it with all my strength. I've still got the 9 inch scar in ma left hand :-/

41. I can walk for 10Kms at a stretch on the road glimpsin at the shops, names, wall posters, ad banners, road bumps, people, bikes, cars and still enjoy every foot of my walk even if it walking for the 1000th time on the same road.

40. My first n last cigar was when I was 9 .

39. I've neva been judgmental, I believe people act in way coz their situation demands it !

38. Something for which I've craved is to own a buLLet and finally I own one.

37. People who see me for the first time often believe I'm bullish ! ;) I've heard ppl sayin this once they get closer.,

36. Something which kills me is Loneliness, I need to be accompanied. But whats fishy is Musiq or ma Bull accompanies me most of the time.

35. My debut Cookin was a grand success, It was Mushroom with Capsicum flavored with white pepper. yeh that was 10 years back !! There started all ma experimentation ;)

34. I was listed in "Sure Failure List" for 12th Mathematics. thou I managed to pass it with an 80+ % ;)

33. The List of my career options from 15 years of age includes Indian Army, Geneticist, Forensic Scientist, A Police Officer, A business man, A politician. It was seldom a s/w Engg., :)

31. I tasted all the 8 salts in chemistry lab a day before final practicals to identify them without the knowledge of my Chemistry sir ;)

30. I always have an affinity with the staffs who took English, be it ma school or college..

29.My friends burst into laughter whenever i say that I'm Reserved :P But fact remains same ;)

28. Best of my friends say I'm Spontaneous, humorous, Outta-box thinker , optimistic, philosophical, trust-worthy and a total idiot ;)

27. I can Quit my Job right now If I'm not financially dependant on it and start chasin my passions right now (thou it'll soon happen, hopefully )

26. I read Forbes and often virtualize as if My name is in top listin ova there.

25. 5 years from now, I could neva imagine callin anyone my Boss. I Myself need to be my Boss.

24. My Dreams are lively, I have a dream house where-in everything is so pre-defined in ma heart ;)
(Dare 2 dream, dare to chase)

23. In the past 5 years I should have gone to temple not more than 5 times, I've gone to Temples, Churches Mosque n Jain Worship yards too !

22. A reason I hate mobile phone is It hinders me from gettin into Rain. I believe nothin in this world is so ecstatic like Gettin totally drenched in rain...heavenly...

21. I worry for "The Things I Love the most Never stay with me" (My Dad, my...list goes on)

20.I Wonder If anyone else in this world would be gifted with a friend whom you can boast of knowing from 6 months since ur birth. yep I've got a friend whoz wit me for the past 22 years !! (Awww sounds grr88 !! )

19. I was a member of "I Hate Mobile Phone" Community till "that day" !

18. I've learnt that the Source of the "Most Cherishing memories" and "The worst of Heart Ache" can be the same..

17. I've carried 14 bits for an examination. It was digital circuits exam, thou neva used one and managed to clear the paper ;)

16. I chk out gals with long hair and smilin eyes...lolz :D

15. Ppl say 8 is Unlucky, but by default if u ask me to say a number it wud be 8, dunno if its coz its my b'day..I've gotta a gr8 affinity to it.

14. I feel I'm dedicated to wateva I do, If I feel I'm not, I won do things.

13. I strongly believe Marks n Academics has nothin to do wit wat you are. Its jus the Life that teaches u a lot.

12. I'd prefer moon light over disco lights (yuh typical piscean) . I'm fascinated by Candle lit dinner thou neva had one till date ;)

11. I'd wish to step my foot in all 7 continents before I go 40's. Tahiti is the must watch in the list. Jus luv those huts in the sea with glass floors.

10. I'm bad in repository. I've lost my 12th Certificate once, I've got my Semester Mark sheets as two pieces from 2 reliable friends of mine ;) (Place to thank ya ! )

9. I often Wish God appears in front of me and asks for 3 wishes..I'd list them often, 1 Wish has always been the same...

8. A Stage I'd neva forget is Anna University Paper presentation in front of 2ooo peeps ! A transformational one where I totally lost the stage fear ! Thanks to those terrible questions shot !!

7. I feel lucky for having sister who can care for me more than my mom wud do, thou I haven't expressed it.

6. My attendance percentage has neva crossed the reqd 75% in ma 4 yrs of Engineering. Thanks to Mrs.Banumathy who used strrev() function on my 67% of attendance . lolz...

5. I've been bit by a monkey wen I was 8 years old wen I tried to tame the escaped one sittin near the cage.

4. My twelfth biology record needed to be completed with 40 diagrams in 2 nights. There was no single diagram which I drew in that record. Thanks to the one who drew all of it for me !

3. I often feel like I would be writin my biography in ma late 40's.

2. I've never been resentful, no matter how bad people make me feel. I jus smile and say "Jus be true to your Conscience, n believe therz a Judgement Day !! "

1. I am jus Wat I am. I Luv myself for that !!

Actually...I had loads to write after 1, but negative numbers don look good rite ;)